Odex Hacked


Odex has been hacked. The domain has been taken over and a simple traceroute shows that it now redirects to a website located on Pacific Internet’s server odyssey.pacweb.net.sg.

Here’s what the hacker wrote

This server was fully hacked because the things ODEX are doing are just completly wrong!
So I hacked them due to my deep abominate against this company.

The stupidity of the organisation can not only be seen in the quality of their products or in the disingenuousness of their actions, but also in their skills of web design, compatibility and programming.

You can see that by the fact that the server is now hacked.


The hacker sounds pretty Singaporean, not that I can tell…

View the page in Firefox or Opera. Doesn’t work in IE at the moment. Or click on the top image to view the full page captured via Hypersnap.

Odex’s odexed?

Kudox to DarkMirage for the information.

9 thoughts on “Odex Hacked”

  1. *Yawn* Funny stuff.

    What to sum up about this guy (I will assume it’s about a male)? “I don’t really know them or what they truly do, but I can tell you they are Bad and Evil!”.
    He basically hacked them because he felt the urge to act “For Great Justice”. Maybe reading the Wikipedia article on this company or word of mouth made him take arms and act?

    And somehow that one is really Singaporean since I don’t see why hackers from other countries would launch a local attack, even if for the sake of anime.

    Well, well. I will return to my daily concerns now. Good day.

  2. I may not be from Singapore, but hacking a company site out of complete hatred and spite is rather immature. If you’re going to fight against a company, at least doing professionally. This way your arguments will be more easily accepted then aggressively attacking company property. Either way, now the company has legit reasons to fight back against the community. Way to shoot yourself and every other person in Singapore in the foot buddy.

    PS: Hello Windbell =)

  3. I see what you mean by the hacker seeming Singaporean. How should I put this… It seems to have some length of Singlish in it, for some reason, even though the main identifying points are missing.

  4. Serves them right, if there’s someone that should be making someone pay for illegal anime download is the Singaporean authorities and not a company, it’s almost like Microsoft or Sony making lawsuits to people that have been illegally downloading programs may them be from their or other companies. Lawsuits should he handled by each countries justice and not its companies.

  5. just how ‘bad’ is this hack? i supposed it’s great if we can total WIPEOUT of their database.

    hmmm, i wonder if anyone can teach me how to POD’s >_>

  6. To Hijiko, I see your point about fighting back through professional and legitimate routes and agree with you.

    however I can also sympathise with the hacker seeing as the comapany is based in Singapore, a country so obsessed with attracting MNCs and foreign talent its basically selling its own people out. There is no actual procedure in place for the common man to voice out a complaint against a company in singapore as far as I know.

    have a look at this brochure published by the government to attract foreign investors and see what I mean.


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