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A few of you guys did ask for me to post more pictures of my Japan Trip. I have decided to weed out all the bad photos and limited the selection to 29 photos.

First Photo was taken on a Sunday in Ahikabara. Lots of cosplayers giving out flyers. This girl was pretty smart. She posed in front of me and gave me the flyer after I took her picture ^^;

Well then, enjoy!

<Picture Intensive Post!>


Vending machines are pretty common in Japan. You can find this machines almost everywhere (Ask any of your Japanese friends!). The place where I stayed with my friend has vending machines at almost each junction! Unfortunately, I didn’t managed to find the (in)famous “Adult Magazine” vending machine…

Absolutely love the milk tea that they sell in the vending machines. Remember to bring coins along for your trip to Japan. Drinks costs around 100 – 150 yen.



I found this sign pretty amusing.  「みんな見てるぞ」could either mean “Take care while walking” (In this context) or it’s actually a warning for potential lawbreakers that they are being watched all the time so don’t do anything silly.

The eyes reminds me of the nightmare man in Heroes ^^;


Toyoda Train Station 「豊田駅」, that’s along Chou Line. My friend’s place was about an hour’s train journey from Shinjuku. Traveling to Akihabara would take about an hour and a half ^^;  Not that bad if you travel at the right time and get to see lots of schoolgirls. Always try to grab the Special Rapid trains whenever possible. They skip a lot of inbetween stops.

And oh, don’t bother taking the ‘Rapid’ train if you live far out. Those are just the normal trains that stops at every stop ORZ…


The main street just outside Toyoda Train Station. There’s quite a number of places to grab some grub. Yoshinoya and Tenya (Right side of photo) is where I had most of my meals at (I’m a poor student). The 「天丼」 at Tenya’s one of my favorite dishes. Keep going back there almost everyday (There was a cute waitress as well ^^;)

Note: Schoolgirls in background ^o^



Shinjuku station. Lots of people and cars. Tokyu Hands is on the right side of the photo in the background.



If you prefer doughnuts and coffee, there’s always Krispy Kreme over in Shinjuku. There was a long line of people queuing up for it. Had my fair share while in Melbourne ^^; 



Lots of AU phones. Was hoping to grab one of these ^^;


Can’t remember the exact location except that it was in Shinjuku. Lots of game shops and places to grab some grub.


Delicious looking food samples.. ranging from 900 yen onwards. 


Somewhere in Shinjuku again. Was walking around randomly. 


A video rental store in Shinjuku. Don777 brought me here after I had popped my maid cafe cherry. The anime selection here is totally awesome. Do check it out if you have the time.


Caught CLANNAD The Movie while in Ikebukuro. There’s an anime scene over here too. There’s Toranoana, K-books and my all-time favourite Lashinbang if you need your fix.


Back over at Toyoda Station.


Japan Illustration Festival a.k.a Art Jeuness exhibition. Went for this as it was just a few halls away from Tokyo Game Show 2007 | Tokyo Game Show 2007 – Girls. Lots of illustrator’s work going at prices ranging from 100,000 yen and above ^^; See Tinkle, Tony Taka, Carnelian etc.


The only shot I managed to take of the exhibition. They had the strict ‘No Photography’ sign. Didn’t want to get caught for not “adhering” to it. ^^;


Shibuya on an rainy day. Those who have watched GITS (Ghost in The Shell) will have noticed the familiar background. Yes, it’s the same place where The Laughing Man first appeared. Got to this by chance. Taken just outside Shibuya Station. Shibuya 109 is just on the left.


Hachiko, an Akita dog, was a Shibuya fixture during the late 1920s and early 1930s. His status is a popular meeting spot. Taken just outside Shibuya Station.



Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo. It’s a pedestrian-only street lined with fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Lots of young teenagers and people there. Taken on a public holiday.

Didn’t really explore Takeshita Street due to the sheer amount of people. Was tired as well as I had walked from Shibuya Station ^^;



Nakano Broadway. There’s an anime scene over here as well. Did grab some second-hand books from Mandarake while over here ^^; The Main Store of Mandarake is over here, at the 3rd or 4th floor. There are also stores with anime collectable(s) as well. 

To get to Nakano Broadway, get off at Nakano Station, Chou Line and you’ll then see the building (above the picture with the Nakano Broadway sign). Walk all the way through it and you’ll reach Nakano Broadway.  Can’t miss it!




Taken on the last few days of my trip. Was walking around the neighboring town near my friend’s place. Really love the last shot.

Even after 2 months of visiting Tokyo, Japan, I’m still missing it very much. The people, places to visit (Not that I did go alot of places) and especially the culture. Met a couple of nice people on my trip as well, Danny of Dannychoo.com, Don777 etc.

Would really love to visit it again, hopefully next March or April so that I can take lovely photos of Sakura tress and girls in Kimono. And not forgetting visit all those real-life places in Byousoku 5cm again – this time including Okinawa ^^;

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27 thoughts on “Japan Photos”

  1. Nice batch of pictures I must say. And I really like the pictures of the landscapes. Wish I could go to Japan one day!
    “More chicks”?! We’ve got other sites that specializes in that kind of stuff, you know! The cosplay girl was cute, though!

  2. Great coverage there. I agree with moyism and Tragic comedy, the last picture is splendid (with even a slight distortion effect when you manually slowly scroll the part of the page with that picture). ^^;

  3. Windbell,are you plan to go Japan in March or April? I’m planning to go in March 2008 but prolly alone, so if you decide to confirm your trip, maybe we can plan together. After all, it’s better to go with someone than alone.

  4. @jay: NO U!

    @Aleks: Thanks! The cosplay girl was pretty alright.

    @Danny Choo: Thanks!

    @bj0rn: Lol. If we have enough money for it.

    @moyism, Tragic Comedy & D_Blade: Thanks! I really love that one as well.

    @alafista: They are all stored in my brain hahaha!

    @tj_han: Maybe you should visit it again. It’s a very lovely place.

    @double: Am planning to go during March/April but it’s all speculations at the moment. Won’t mind planning it with you when I confirm. Too bad you can’t enter the stores yet. LOL

    @Seiryuu: I was mostly traveling around alone ^^’ My friend didn’t want to come along/Had school.

  5. Yes, Shinjyuku Tsutaya is local Otaku’s heaven(^^).
    Although you didn’t use a tripod, The photo is very clear, good.

    I feel, The best photo among these postings is the last one.
    It reminds me of “Sola” anime…

  6. Only 29 photos? And I was hoping that your photography skills would level up whilst in Japan. Still, some nice photos and you’re getting pretty good at composition and framing. I assume these were taken with the 17-40mm? When I go next year, I’m hoping to take a 10-22mm with me. Also hoping to take photos of more chicks :)

  7. Hope to see more pictures in the future. Hachiko is pretty cool, I like his story, and I hope I can get a dog like him (A live one lol). I found the infamous “used panty machine” when I went to Denden town (Nipponbashi) in Osaka. The machine wasn’t a vending machine though, it was a gachapon machine ;p. Nice GITS reference there.

  8. @Akiraman: Thanks!

    @Soshi: I’m missing it as well ^^; Yes, March/April is a very good time to go over.

    @don777: Thanks! I haven’t watched “Sola” so I can’t really say, but many of those who have watched always say that photos of the sky remind them of “Sola”. Thanks for bring me around as well! I got to treat you the next time we meet!

    @Adun: Oh hush. I was too busy feasting my eyes at the girls. ^^;
    That aside, the trip was more of a ‘expedition’ rather than photoshooting one. Probably if I go again next year, you’ll get to see more photos. Yes, most were taken with the 17-40mm. Will you be getting a 10-22mm for me? Just don’t take portrait pics of the chicks with the 10-22mm, I don’t want to see monsters :p

    @AS: Will do when I get a chance to do so. Did you take a picture of the gachapon machine? Buy a panty just for kicks even?

  9. Man I envy you :/ I lived in Japan for a time (Mihama, Okinawa) yet I never thought to bother taking pictures (the ones I did take happened to be on my cell which I lost right before moving :() Anyways I just thought I could comment on your first statement; “Vending machines are pretty common in Japan.”

    You couldn’t even walk a block without seeing them… and not only regular cold drink machines, but also Cigarette vendors… apparently Beer machines used to be a big thing around there as well, yet with American influence they decided to get rid of them.

    Thanks for all the pictures man :)

  10. @Windbell: Here’s a link to the picture of the panties (hope this link comes out good)^^. Sorry but the thought of buying one disgusts me a little lol, rather spend the money on vending machine drinks which I spent quite a bit on while I was in Japan.

  11. @Moe Otaku: No worries about that. ^^; How was Okinawa like by the way? I have never been there.

    @AS: How did you managed to snap some of these pictures? They are absolutely clear! Awesome stuff!

  12. I really loved it, the island reminds me of Hawaii in some ways with less tourism tho ;) In general the people seem to all be very friendly, yet then again that may be because I was mistaken for a local ^^; I remember now that the older generation opposed of American military forces in Okinawa… I wouldn’t blame them either :P

    I really wish the the US were more like Japan :(

  13. Nice pictures :)

    I’m surprised to see the Nova English school sign up in one of them though…

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