Inside Akihabara’s Ero Stores

  ^ Minaide yo, onii-chan! 

Taken these during my Japan trip. This post is for readers who are below the age limit but still want to have a look at some of the ero-shops but can’t wait till you’re older. For those who have visited these shops, see if you recognize any of them ^^;

Ready to let curiosity kill the cat?


Taken over at Gamers if I recall. For this section, it’s mostly eroge (PC games)and some ero artbooks. Remember seeing School Days artbook in this section.

 Folks interested in ero-doujinshi might want to head over to Toranoana. They have a whole floor dedicated to it (4th or 5th floor) and if a anime series is particularly famous, you might see one or two selves just for that anime. Lots of Lucky Star doujins while I was there.


 These were the Touhou section. Ero and All-ages mixed together.


Store above is… can’t remember. Was it Asobitcity?

Anyway, a full wall of ero-manga on the left and right for those who fancy. Ero-magazines on the selves  in the background, just underneath the television set.

Some of the stores like these one have full sample books where you can flip though before deciding whether it’s worth the purchase or not. Others like Toranoana have sample pages of the book. Good place to visit if you need to look at a pair of eyes ^^;


Lots of eroge for you. Some are rather cheap, selling at 1000 yen or something.


Ero-doujin CG packs and soundtracks… Would make a nice present ^^;


Photo above taken in Getchu shop. Never knew they were in the ‘Click and Mortar’ merchant model (Having a offline retail establishment with a web storefront). Always though they were like amazon. To get to getchu’s shop, look for 「恵光ビル」 (Google Map).

They are located just off the main street.


Stairwell at one of the shops. Lots of promotional posters of eroges. Won’t mind taking some of these posters home and placing them up on the wall. The girls are just too cutesy!


 And one of those stores with the goods in the display cabinets. That’s one of Tony Taka’s set going for 38,000yen! Also just noticed the pre-painted Asuka resin figure in the background (Top right) ^^;


Hope this gives you guys a rough idea of how the stores selling ero-stuff are like. I haven’t experienced any age verification checks before so not too sure if any of you younger-looking ones might encounter it.

\Photography Notes/

These photos are well, all taken discreetly as I didn’t want to get thrown out of the stores ^^; Used the 17-40mm lens and did point-and-shoot. Might have gotten more pictures if I had a compact digital camera instead of the DSLR.

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14 thoughts on “Inside Akihabara’s Ero Stores”

  1. Two questions for you, windbell:

    – How much did you spend on ero stuff while “sacrificing yourself” for the sake of this post? ;)
    – Did you experience any encounter with store clerks (More precisely the “No photos allowed!” complete with waving hands and index fingers pointing at signs on walls)?

    That’s all. Personally, I’d buy regular otaku stuff if I ever had the chance to visit Japan. No ero (Or maybe exceptionally if it suits my tastes fully), thank you.

  2. Did you hide your camera or did you just walk around with it hanging around your neck? I’m surprised that the store clerks didn’t come to stop you or anything since you can’t turn off the click sound when you take a photo. But yeah, for stuff like this, need a point and shoot.

  3. The one store looks like Animate.

    I had no problems buying ero stuff, but one of my friends got some weird looks. Sucks to look like middle schooler.

  4. Hope when I go to Japan in a couple years I get to go to these stores, I wouldn’t spend much, probably get two or three books, eroge or not doesn’t mind, what I look for is good art inside them

  5. Wish Singapore had shops selling eroge. I’d spend all my savings there since eroge are so bloody expensive (well, new ones anyway)

  6. Nostalgic ^^, I remember going into a bunch of these stores when I was in Denden town and Nishiki market in Japan. Just wish I took more pictures of the ero stores but was already pushing it by actually taking pictures in the stores that don’t allow it lol.

  7. I am not of age yet but I will still try my luck if I ever go to Japan. Long ago I heard the Japanese were short so maybe if I stand up straight (my height is 181cm) and try to act mature maybe they will think that I am older, despite the fact that people often say I have a immature face.

  8. @D_Blade: Didn’t spend alot on them. Just visited the stores and such ^^;

    I did experience a “No Photography” thing which happened when I was in Lashinbang.

    I took out my cellphone to type a message with my right-hand while holding a Lucy Maria Misora/Ruko Kireinasora WF figure on my left. The store clerk probably though I was going to take a photo and walked up to me and told me off.

    The store clerks don’t really care much about you bringing a camera in I guess. Just take the photos discreetly.

    @Adun: I just left my camera hanging around my neck and walked in. They probably looked at me but didn’t do anything about it, just the usual “いらっしゃいませ”. About the clicking noise, I muffled it by coughing ^^;

    @GARbej: LOL. Must have been a bad experience for him.

    @Chraen: If only they ship in eroge over here. Would probably require revising some laws ^^;

    @Rakugakid: If you look old and is tall, I think they won’t be able to tell.

  9. >>These photos are well, all taken discreetly as I didn’t want to get thrown out of the stores ^^; Used the 17-40mm lens and did point-and-shoot. Might have gotten more pictures if I had a compact digital camera instead of the DSLR.

    haha I was about to say “wow, they let you take pictures there?”, I remember getting kicked out of a few shops when I was trying to make a documentary… eventually got permission to record and they didn’t seem to mind much once they knew I was plotting to rob the shop xD

    I love how you censored the second picture and yet again another great post :)

  10. @Moe Otaku!: Thanks! By the way, how did you get permission to record in the end? Do you need official documents and such? The “No Photography” rule in Japan is a real double edged sword.

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