Have started on the basics of colouring with the help of Tragic Comedy of Collateral Damage. Will post more CGs when I’m done with them. Pop quiz for everyone – Guess the manga and artist the lineart it came from. No, I didn’t draw them ^^;

Read the rest of the post for thoughts of my JLPT exam.

Just two days back, I took my first JLPT paper in my life. It was easy I would say, but given I’m taking 4-kyuu (JLPT level 4), there isn’t much to boast about ^^;


Taken right before the test. I was pretty lucky to get the lecture hall as my exam venue. Don’t really understand why they have to hold it in a primary school as the chairs and tables are all small and very terrible to sit on.

Many of my friends complained about it. Lucky to be in the lecture hall where the chairs were much better and not to mention there was a cute female invigilator as well!


During the break just after the listening section. Listening was pretty alright but I absolutely hated the questions which asked about days and months as I’m very bad with them ^^;

Looks like having watched anime, J-dramas and listening to drama cds really helped.


Getting out of the place was pretty much terrible. The school was located in a remote area, with only 1 service bus that goes to the station and the rest which goes to some other parts of the East side of Singapore which I have no idea how to navigate from there.

Think there were at least 500 people trying to get out.

I do think I should have attempted JLPT level 3 instead of doing level 4. Anyway, will be using the results as a benchmark of my Japanese knowledge. Too bad JLPT’s held only once a year ORZ

Am thinking of getting one of those Japanese portable electronic dictionaries for myself during Christmas. Would be very useful and powerful tool for me to further my Japanese language once I start using it while reading light novels.

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  1. @Danny Choo: Have plans to take level 2 next year. How was level 2 like? Did you study very hard for it?

    @Lelouch Lamperouge: Er… there wasn’t any male invigilators in the room.

  2. I’m hoping to pass college with Japanese 300 courses under my belt and head to Japan to teach English. Though I doubt 300 will be enough and will have to study much more while I’m in Japan and hope living there will let the Japanese language seep through my brain lol.

  3. @Windbell: I don’t think you should go straight to light novels, even though they don’t have as much text as a novel, it still is rather hard to focus. I’ve tried it, and I can only last about half an hour before taking a break. And I have the attention span of a NEET MMORPG Gamer.

  4. man… i learn japanese language using a book buy at kinokuniya (O_O)
    wish had class that i can attend to learn japanese language in KL, My…

  5. The colouring’s looking fine! :D Ganbatte ne?

    Oh yeah, tell me about the horrible seats and buses. x_x I’m thinking of trying to take JLPT 2 next year too, so maybe we’ll see each other at the venue LOL.

    Either way, we can suffer together along with all the JLPT 2 candidates. I’ve heard stuff about how lots of archaic language gets tested in levels 1 and 2 and that usually poses as one of the bigger problems because well, it’s not really use-able in real life.

    Is that Bokurano by the way? Just guessing from the available hiragana. :D()

    Light novels should be a good start! Especially if you’re aiming for JLPT 2 or basically, just wanting to forward yourself in learning the language. I just got one to read on the plane and even if it takes you ages, just completing it means 1-up in your language ability so go for it!

  6. @AS: Will you be attempting the JET programme?

    @Sylon Beta: I did try doing light novels in the past but it was terrible. Do want to try it out again since my proficiency in the language has kinda improved ^^; Plus, I’ll have the electronic dictionary to assist me so I can check words on-the-fly.

    @Kanryu: Work hard then!

    @Soshi: Thanks! I’ll have to push myself for JLPT 2. Did you pick up Japanese on your own or via a language school/course? Want to know which lessons do they stop at for JLPT 2.

    Will try the light novels. Saw some simple ones over at Kinokuniya. Hopefully there are nice anime pictures ^^;

    And nope, that’s not Bokurano :p

    @Lelouch Lamperouge: That besides the point, how was your JLPT 2 exam?

  7. I picked it up on my own from Dragonball Z and Sailormoon (OMG LOL) but then after about four years of self-study I realized that while I was going places with vocabulary, my grammar was atrocious. So I started going to a language school (which is really good! *fangirls*) after my O levels ended. I’m currently under the Pre-advanced level which straddles between JLPT 3 and 2. There are prep courses but if you’re LOL broke, or a hikikomori, there are a couple of grammar sites I could point you to!

    The anime pictures are a great motivating factor!!!!!11

  8. @Soshi: I’m thinking the language school’s name is Ikoma :p

    Sailormoon’s pretty good… the girls i mean ^^;
    I’m currently at intermediate 1 term 2. Have though of jumping courses but it seems a little tough. You must have been learning the language for a long time then?

    Yes, the anime pictures are a great motivationg factor!

  9. @windbell: ya, I’m thinking of JET as my first choice as NOVA messed themselves up. I pretty much need to graduate college and know how to project my voice, so says my sensei lol. Having knowledge of the Japanese language is optional but definitely a plus.

  10. Nah, I’m studying at Bunka! Elementary — Intermediate mainly consisted of grammar, Pre-advance focuses more on conversation. I’ve only been ‘officially’ learning for about a year and a half though. How’s Ikoma?


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