Angel’s Tale – Thai Bishoujo Game


Thailand now has bishoujo games too! And I’m not kidding…

Angel’s Tale from StudioGU’s is a bishoujo game made in Thailand.

Bishoujo isn’t the first word on my mind whenever the word Thailand pops up, probably culture. While Kotaku reports the game as an eroge (ero-game), I’m siding with DarkMirage’s point of view of it being a bishoujo, supported by the company website’s quote:

We StudioGU are independent game developers that live in Thailand and aim to
produce "Visual Novel" genre games "WITHOUT any adult material".

And also that the fact that making eroge in Thailand is illegal and they have the new cyber laws implemented in July earlier this year.

Besides StudioGU’s seems to be involved in two other games as well – Roi Chalk and Sahasabhupha

Promotional Video and Gameplay Video Below.

Promo Video

Gameplay Video

That aside, it’s pretty on par with the other amateur doujin works.  A couple of comments (Presumed to be from the Thais) over at Kotaku said the story’s pretty good after having played the game.

For those who would like to try it out could head over here and grab the demo. There are mentions of English and if possible Japanese language patches for the game demo in the future as well.

BTW, Any Thai readers that have tried the game before?

Source: Via Ramblings of DarkMirage | Kontaku

4 thoughts on “Angel’s Tale – Thai Bishoujo Game”

  1. Looks good for the first one developed, though not as great compared to what is released in Japan in my opinion. I assume by the screen shots that it is a dating sim with super powers thrown in, classic ^^.

  2. A dating sim made in Thailand?! That is quite surprising.

    I see that this story takes place in a Thai-ish setting and that the classic formula has been generally followed otherwise.
    This said, I did expect some Thai songs and character voices. Well, there were none, at least for now.

    I haven’t been baffled by the character design… Seems a bit bland to me.

    Overall, this is a nice try for a first.

    Otherwise I don’t think that the King of Thailand and PM would accept having eroge created in their country. *Laughs*
    Hence the seemingly contradictory use of terms like “eroge” and “without any adult material” to simultaneously attract gamers and avoid troubles with law.

  3. I played it, Im thai , its not that bad and yup its set in thailand, its avoid adult material so lil kids can play it, as in like 8 year old but there is an adult version , well not this game anyways that u can play it, if interest post it here and ill give ya the site

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