2D vs 3D


Do you prefer 2D girls, or 3D girls?

Apparently, this user over at NicoVideo has decided to make a comparison video consisting of 3D Sailor Fuku (Seifuku) girls and 2D Sailor Fuku (Seifuku)girls side by side. The results, awesome!

Video after the jump!

Update: Opps. Seems like the guys at Nico Nico Douga has removed the video due to policy violations or something similar. You can still view the video on this post. Hope they don’t send lawyers after me ^^;


Included in this video are also 2D illustrations of the seifuku girls with poses that are seemingly similar to the ones in 3D. As a amateur artist myself, I do more than often use 3D images of girls for drawings and get lots of inspiration if I’m ever stuck ^^;

Also, the 3D girls are useful for fa- anatomy observation as well.Personally like both 2D and 3D. The video has a couple of really cute 3D girls and a good number of 2D girls in ecchi poses.So, what’s your pick?

(Girl on the left is Sayuri Ohtomo(Me wants), you can download her images from this post ^^; Need ID for the girl on the right. Anyone?)

Source: Via Anime Banzai


18 thoughts on “2D vs 3D”

  1. The question isn’t really which do you like (then obviously both is the answer) it’s which do you PREFER? Since I’m the first commenter I don’t have any to responses to go by and guage. I think given that my computer consists far more of the 2D variety that should be clear indication of my preference. And with that I’ve sealed my fate as nerd til death.

  2. Both are good but I would choose 3D over 2D any day. You can’t wrap your arms around a 2D girl unless you get a dakimakura pillow lol.

  3. 2D FTW!

    I mean seriously! 3D can’t compare to the idealized purity of of 2D!

    2D is not a stylized representation of 3D reality. 2D speaks to the underlying ideal platonic ideal which 3D can never capture.

    Besides if I wanted a 3D girl I’d stay home and f*ck the Prom Queen. (Ok, so she wasn’t the Prom Queen, but my wife does look like the stereotypical Barbie Doll).

  4. *votes for 3D and gets shot*

    Any idea who’s that girl anyway? Looks a bit like Ishihara Satomi..
    I’m probably the only one who knows or cares though.. uguu.

  5. This video is biased… It’s either adolescent schoolgirls or kids (yeah, kids) for 3D and I am not into loli either (I say that again to be sure no one forgets. Sorry if you people get tired of me because of this).

    The few adolecent females (no children, thank you) that had their faces apparent (Important criteria for yours truly) were rather cute and almost all of the 2D pictures were not of my taste…
    I couldn’t make a reliable comparison then.

    Verdict: 3D for that precise video. Only applicable for non-kids pics.
    If you could find a video with more adult girls (no need for ecchi, even if it would be somewhat appreciated), I would give you a real judgement. ;)

    Simply put, I largely prefer the picture of the woman on the introduction picture than the entire video. *Hears loud gasps in the whole room and laughs uncontrollably*

  6. @shoujoboy: Welcome to the dark side! Do collect 200 when you pass GO!

    @Akiraman: Fixed the video ^^; Yup, got it from your post.

    @AS: Haha. That’s true. There’s physical contact ,emotions and such in 3D.. but not in 2D yet.

    @jay & kouji: Oh hush! Blame the video creator

    @rocket: LOL.

    @Aheda: The girl’s Sayuri Ohtomo. Did mentioned her in the post. Absolutely cutesy.

    @D_Blade: Hmm… Nice choice. But then again, this post should have been titled “2D Illustrations V.S 3D Photos” or something similar. Would have wished for more adult girls though.

    @Lelouch Lamperouge: You can use your geass!

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