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Remember mentioning about the EOY Illustration Competition a few weeks back. It’s unfortunate but I have to say I have decided to not join this year’s competition due to time constraints (Am pretty tied down to work) and also my poor judgement of the priorities I had ^^; (Was trying to get a HDD fixed).

I have pretty much completed the lineart of the sketch. The theme for this year’s EOY is "Sparks of Hope". The initial sketch I had in mind was that of a girl sitting down on the floor, with her right hand reaching out to the sky (From our perspective, she’s reaching out to you) desperately grabbing the remains of that ‘lil spark of hope’. Due to my lack of proper mad illustration skillz (Need to draw more!), it became the scan you see above.

Fret not however, as I’ll be colouring it as soon as time permits. And will again try to draw out the original sketch I wanted ^^;

5 thoughts on “EOY Illustration”

  1. Too bad. I hope you will be able to fulfill your priorities.

    Will you complete your picture? It looks nice already and it would be quite a pity if you left it like that.

  2. @bj0rn: Thanks!

    @D_Blade: Yup, will complete the picture but am currently tied down to work ORZ

    @Tiny Red Man: That’s true ^^;

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