Cosafe 2.0

    ^ 「お帰りなさいご主人様!」 Welcome Home Master!

Just yesterday, I was with Zer0 of The FØØL’s Progress over at "Cosafe Maid Cafe" (コスアフエ メイド カフエ). It went through a re-boot during the end of October and now the upgraded version is called "Cosafe Maid Bar & Restaurant".

<Picture Intensive Post!>


Besides the name change, other changes such as the dresses and facilities. The costumes with the cosplay meidos don have changed as well.


The concept of Cosafe has been re-designed as well, in order to make optimum use of it’s location in CHIJMES. The interior of the shop has been re-arranged and re-modelled. The piano in the shop corner has been now moved away to make space for a bar, more tables and seats. Pretty funky concept I would say.

Instead of just the usual smoothes and floats, the drink’s list is now much more comprehensive, which include liquor, wine, mocktails etc. Good selection for both drinkers and non-drinkers.

I tried "Pussyfoot" (Non-alcoholic cocktail | mocktail) for both visits when I was there. Got to try "Shirley’s Temple" next. Not a drinker here ^^;


Patrons who have visited in the past would have remember the framed illustration from the dating-simulation game "Pia Carrot". Cosafe has still retained it and it’s currently framed near the ceiling… to prevent Otakus from grabbing it (I kid ^^;)


Besides the drinks getting expanded, the dining menu has also received a new makeover as well. There’s an enlarged version of the menu that’s placed just near the entrance to CHIJMES (The traffic crossing from Raffles City with the Big Christmas Tree). Award Winning Chef Desmond Png has also joined the ranks of Cosafe, taking charge of the kitchen.


Also, the cash register has been did away with and have brought a POS system (Point-of-Sale) under their wing. There is also a service point just outside the restaurant for fast delivery of dishes. No more slow waiting time just to do your payments as well.


If you’re worried of getting wet during the monsoon season? Cosafe has added a tent just outside the restaurant to counter that. The place was still busy even at 11pm in the evening.

And now for what most of you guys are waiting for, the meidos! Pictures below are of the two longest-serving meidos from the original cast, Livia and Nana. 

   ^ Livia on the left, Nana on the right.

  ^ Zettai Ryouiki for you!

The meido in the pink costume is Cheryl. She’s was a little camera shy on that night but allowed us to take a zettai ryouiki shot ^^;

   ^ Cutesy expressions ^o^

The costumes have been hand-picked by Ferlyn, who’s currently studying in Tokyo, Japan. She observed that the maid cafes in Japan wear variants of the standard maid uniform, and decided to introduce this to Cosafe too. Kathleen, the director of Cosafe has also noticed this as well.

I do remember visiting the Meido Cafes in Tokyo during my Japan trip. They did the same thing as well.

And also, Cosafe will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary on 12 Dec (Wednesday). As part of the celebrations, they will be hosting a cosplay party and Cosafe will have their entire platoon of meidos dressed in their finest. There will also be a 20% discount for all checks and for those who dress up in costume, an additional 5% will be given as well.

Livia will also be donning the costume Izumi Sawatari from "He is My Master" wears. I’ve seen pictures of it an it’s absolutely awesome ^^;

I will be down taking pictures on the event itself so fellow otakus, if you do come down, don’t forget to say hi ^^; Just look for the photographer :)

\Photography Notes/

Taken using 18-55mm at an ISO of 1600 and a tripod for one or two shots. Will be using better equipment during the event itself. Possibly a 17-55mm and a flash.


Cosafe 2.0 by Zer0

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21 thoughts on “Cosafe 2.0”


    HE IS MY MASTER COSPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *NOSEBLEED 10000LITRES!!!!!!!!!!

    *instead death*

  2. Cute maids ^^. What caught my attention though was the menu lol. It caught my attention because it looks like the chef recommends everything ^^, never seen that before lol. The chef must really be proud of his/her cooking.

  3. I don’t think Ferlyn is studying in Japan right now. Heard from my friend, who is her friend in RL that she went there for acting @@

    Don’t know about that XD

  4. I’m the maid in pink hehe… Name’s Sheryl. =)
    Nice photographs. X3

    @zenical – Ferlyn is studying in Japan. I envy her. Hehehehe…

  5. @bj0rn: You were busy with helping Eddy!

    @Hijiko: Nah. I can’t do alcohol ^^;

    @Tiny Red Man: Hahaha. I hope you’re still alive.

    @welsper84: They are pretty alright.

    @AS: I haven’t tried the new menu yet but if I ever do, will tell ^^;

    @Hexlord: The lighting’s bad indeed. Will require an external flash if I do want to take any decent photos.

    @Sheryl: Oh hi! Thanks, but I think they can be improved much more ^^;
    Yeah, I envy her as well. I want to study there!

  6. They thought about everything for the customer to have a great experience. Very professional way of doing things.

    You know, I always feared that otaku places would be more gimmicky than anything else and now I feel it’s the contrary.

    I don’t think it can be called a dark place but rather a romantic one. ;)

  7. Did you have special permission to take photos? or is it ok to take photos there?
    I remember previously that phototaking is not allowed…

  8. @D_Blade: Hmm… Cosafe is a little different from the Maid Cafes in Japan I guess. I like the atmosphere there though.

    @squee: Nah. It’s alright to take photos now so long as you ask the Meidos before snapping.

    @Lelouch Lamperouge: Was referring to another friend of mine with the same name.

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