A revealing walk in Akihabara


Was surfing Japan Probe the other day and chanced upon this video. It’s a little NSFW so if your boss enjoys looking at girls in skimpy outfits, by all means “Douzo!” (Go Ahead)

<Might be a little NSFW>

A very very revealing walk around Akihabara Station (Just outside Gamers) in a a ultra-small (one-piece?) swimsuit. Photoshoots of girls in sexy outfit might be acceptable but this kind has bought it to another level ^^;

Now I wonder why didn’t I see girls in these sexy outfits while during my trip to Akihabara.

 ^ Sailor fuku I like 

Update: After looking at the comments at the Youtube video link, I realized that it’s actually a scene for one of the AV (Adult-Video(s)) ORZ. The actress’s name is 「ちぃ」, though the comments said her name’s 「人妻ちぃ」 (Hitozuma Chi) as 「人妻」 means ‘Married woman’ or ‘someone’s wife’. They probably made a AV with that as the theme ^^; 

P.S The girl wearing specs is pretty cute. I think I’m starting to like girls with specs (RL Only)

P.S.S Anyone can identify the illustrator for the top image? 

Source: Video via Japan Probe
             Picture via teacup.com


12 thoughts on “A revealing walk in Akihabara”

  1. Woah, nosebleed ;p. Having all those guys around her, but probably none will touch her lol. If she wore that in America, she would be swept up in a instant and taken to some dark alley…

  2. Way too risqué. I guess she would have big troubles if she were to be in any other country, like AS said.

  3. @tragic comedy: LOL!

    @AS: Would you be the one doing the sweeping? :p

    @jay: Actually after watching the Youtube video for a few times, I’ve to say she’s just petite ^^;

    @kanryu: Where are ze photos?!

    @D_Blade: Yea, true that. And thanks! ^^;

  4. Oh my…… ;O Too bad I’m never a fan of spectacles, 2D or 3D. Anyway, the guys are pretty brave too. Don’t think anyone will take photos of the girl (from SUCH close distances) if this happens in Singapore o_O

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