Cosafe – 1st Anniversary

^ Flowers for the Meidos! 

Just the other day, Cosafe celebrated it’s first anniversary (12th Dec) with a cosplay party. That evening, the meido crew of Cosafe captured the hearts of each young, raging ’emotions’ otaku by dressing up in what could have been better described as the incarnations of anime characters.

The Meido crew that day consisted of Camille, May, Sheryl, Livia & Nana. Each dressed in their best, it was a pretty moe scene for us.

<Picture Intensive Post!>

The only ‘meido’ on that evening was Camile, who was dressed up in the famous costume that the Nakabayashi household from “He Is My Master”. May’s from one of the CLAMP works which I couldn’t identify.

Sheryl turned into Sakura while Livia became Li Meiling (Hong Meiling came in mind immediately after she said who her character was ^^;) from CLAMP’s “Cardcaptor Sakura”. Last but not the least, Nana’s was a fluffy Neko with a very moe bell (It looks bigger in real life!).

^ Had a better picture but it got corrupted ORZ 

SG Anime Bloggers and a coupe of otakus also congratulated Cosafe on it’s first anniversary with a bouquet of flowers. These were gotten by Zer0 form the florist over at Sunshine Plaza, the (very) mini Akihabara over here.

These flowers were not let to waste as we were tasked to present the roses to the maids. It was done by the drawing of lots (Broken toothpicks and the normal ones). The guys who got the broken ones had the honor of presenting the roses while the rest get to choose the meidos we had to give to. No prizes for which category I got into ^^;


The presenting of roses in 4 shots. Reminds me of those 4chan’s 4koma.


And yes, it was one of the most “WTF” moments I had in my life… but I’m used to it anyway ^^;


Following the presentation was a group shot. The girls were really gorgeous in their outfits. I wasn’t in the picture as I had to compose the shot.

  ^ Image borrowed from The FØØL’s Progress. Hexlord in green.

Besides me, there was another photographer. Hexlord, who also has interest in cosplay and figurine photography was present. He knows some of the staff at Cosafe and was able to get them to pose and take pictures for the whole night. If you do take a look at his gallery, you’ll probably understand why the girls have confidence in letting him do so – which I am still lacking ^^;

It’s great to see how Cosafe has managed to go against the odds and is currently doing well. Even though there were hiccups when they first started out, I do feel that they have very much improved. It would also be one of my “To-go” places for those visiting Singapore :)

And oh! Here’s the video of the rose presentation ceremony taken by bj0rn.

You can also catch the meidos on Christmas and New Year’s eve as Cosafe will be operating till 6am in the morning. Ferlyn who’s currently studying in Japan will be back in Singapore and will be at Cosafe in costume as well.

\Photography Notes/

Taken using a EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM with a Speedlite 580EX. ISO varies from 200 – 400.  

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P.S Love the songs that were being played that night. YUI is love ^^;

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  1. Awwwww, how sweet ^^. Wish I had a maid cafe here, though I probably wouldn’t have any money left for figures if there was a cafe here lol. For now I will have to stick with the old fashion cafe’s, I hate the major chain cafe’s/coffee shops.

  2. *whistles* So you are using the EF-S version of the standard zoom lens at F2.8… :D

    Its nice and sharp, of much better quality that the lens I have… hehe.. anyway nice to meet up with you guys :)

  3. I was there for dinner and saw the big group of you guys ;)

    Btw Nana’s neko costume was from Card Captor Sakura too, it’s worn by Sakura

    Hexlord: I believe you would be the one who spoke to me? about us working in the same dept?

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