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While official sites/blogs have announced the next season of Zero no Tsukaima (Season 3), Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu & the special collaboration doujin by character designers Ito Noizi and Nanao Naru that will be released in Comiket 73 (Just a few more days), I’m more interested by the piece of information that should have been picked up ages ago.

More information and trailer after the jump!

Fans of the 1998 OAV anime Kite, a.k.a. A Kite, directed by Yasuomi Umetsu, will delighted to know that there will be a sequel entitled Kite Liberator 「カイト リベレイター」 that will be released this coming December (2007) or early 2008.

Information from AnimeNewsNetwork has pointed out that the sequel will have a running time of 57 minutes and the story from the official site states that years after Kite’s story, 15 year old “Monaka Noguchi”, a quiet, shortsighted high school girl who wears contact lenses and chagnes her hairstyle to become the contract killer known as the “Angel of Death”

There seemed to be a couple of different trailers for Kite Liberator. Found 2 via youtube and the 3rd on

1st Trailer

2nd Trailer – Seems to have more scenes of Kite Liberator

Official Trailer of Kite Liberator

I myself am very excited over Kite Liberator. Having watched Kite over 3 years ago and other Yasuomi Umetsu’s own directed films (Cool Devices: Yellow Star, Mezzo Forte & Mezzo DSA), which introduced me to the world of the more extreme and explict anime scenes, I would hope that Kite Liberator would turn out to be a very good sequel.

^ One of the rare images of Mezzo Forte that I managed to find

On the other note, The DVD 「A KITE Premium Collectors’ Version」 will be released on 21st Dec (That is like tomorrow!) at retail price of ¥6,615 (Tax included). Damn, I need to grab a copy of it! ^^;

And for those who will be heading for Comiket 73 in the next 2 weeks might want to check out Yasuomi Umetsu’s booth at” 東地区“O”37a” on 31 Dec 2007 under the circle name 「しし座流星軍」(Shishi Zaryuisei Ikusa(?)). He seems to be releasing a book of some sort. More information can be found at his site. I need to grab the Key Animation Drawings book he has released in the past. Anyone willing to help be grab those? ^^:

Source: Via Choo’s Daily Life


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