Shana, Flame Haze Ver!

^ You have not been doing something naughty have you?

It’s been a while since the last figure photoshoot (Near to 4 months actually ^^;). This time, I managed to get the permission from Shana to grab a couple of shots. She did the tsun-tsun thing at first, but after giving her a nice melon pan and having resisted thirty-four “うるさい!うるさい!うるさい!” for teasing her , we were good and ready to go.

Being a photographer is tough indeed.


  ^ 犯人はあなたです! (You’re the criminal!)

\Review of Shana from Max Factory/

First thing to note though, that this figure isn’t mine but instead belongs to a friend. He wanted me to do a photoshoot of Shana.. and I though it would’ve been a great idea given I haven’t had much figures coming in for shoots.

What I do like about this Shana figure is

1.) The long fiery flowing ember hair that pretty much describes her personality.
2.) The overall feel of the figure is there, which pretty much makes this figure outstanding and ready to kick some ass.
3.)  Damn, that skirt is short!

Of course, I’m wanting to kick myself for not ordering this figure. It’s totally cutesy!

There are also a couple of things I dislike though

1.) The weight of her hair is heavy, which throws her backwards if you try to place her on a flat surface. I stuck a couple of blu-tacks on the sole of her shoes to keep her up.

2.) Paint seems to catch onto her stomach when you try to take off the skirt (Cast-off ability), which smudges when you try to clean it off :/



   ^ 異議あり! (Objection!)




Product: Shana Max Factory Ver.
Anime/Game: Shakugan no Shana
Produced by: Max Factory
Sculptor: Takahiro Hasimoto
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Release Date: Mid November 2007
Price: ¥5,609
Available: (In stock)

\Photography Notes/

EOS 400D with a EF-S 60mm f/ 2.8 Macro USM Lens and a Gitzo tripod. ISO varies from 100 – 400.

The lamp set-up this time was a little different. Managed to get myself a two lamps from Ikea and changed them to daylight bulbs.

Before the shoot, I did a custom WB with a piece of paper as I realized that there was a hint of blue tint when I shot with Auto-WB. No photo for the set-up as I forgot to take one ^^;

\Post Processing/

Did auto-leveling followed by applying a Deep Red Photo filter with a range of 10%-25%.


Shana, Flame Haze Pics (super rats)
Flaming Hair and Blazing Eyes (valho)

(P.S A 18+ version of Key’s Little Busters! announced. Source: Heisei Democracy)

22 thoughts on “Shana, Flame Haze Ver!”

  1. Her face looks rather flat from certain angles…

    It’s a pretty nice figure overall though, hopefully I’ll be able to get it one day. Great photos!

  2. Again with most shana figures I have seen when she is in flame haze mode, the hair looks weird to me… but overall it looks like a great figure XD

  3. Actually the 3D ver has extremely long legs as you can see from the comparison….. hahaha thats why she seems less of a rori

    Anyways that’s my Shana. Thankxor Windbell!

  4. Borrowing other people’s figures is a good idea. I need to start doing that. Sadly, the only other person I know in real life who collects is my sister and she doesn’t go for any of the pervy ones with super short skirts.

  5. Lol, I never knew she was cast off, all the other sites that posted Shana never had her skirt off ;p. The close up shot on the head shows some cracks here and there but wouldn’t notice from afar. Nice comparison shot ^^.

  6. Great figure! I like how her hair was done (transparent feel, orange extremities) as well as her pose, very close to the original.

    Short skirt? Ever wondered why we got such nice pantsu angles of Shana during her fights? Alastor the Heavenly Flame thought of everything! ;) lol…

  7. @double: I’m pretty impressed with how the sculptors have managed to do such a good job.

    @Danny Choo: あ!ほんとうだ!

    @Chraen: It does? Probably because of the angles I took the shots from. Thanks!

    @Deranged: I do think it looks better than most Shana figures.. but I’m not really a Shana fan XD

    @super rats: You got to trick her into it!

    @Rakugakid: Haha. You meant her right hand.

    @tragic comedy: The paint job’s pretty okay but the face might need a little improvements.

    @AS: The cast-off feature is probably useless since her skirt’s so short anyway ^^;

    @D_Blade: LOL

  8. This figurine almost had me… but unfortunately the face features wasn’t really that good IMO… so far none of the Shana figurines seem to live up to her lolicious gorgeous body… Most problems seem to be because of the face…
    This Max Factory Shana made me hesitate… but all these photos flying around the internets is stirring up my Shana fanboy spirit so… I might get it afterall ^^;

  9. Last picture is perfect to show how good this figure is, IMO ^^
    A perfect Noizi Ito Shana.
    And I am a bit ashamed about the fact I still keep mine in her box ;_;

    And I’m completely with you about the 3rd point of what you like about this figure. Short skirt rulez, and that’s what make zettai ryouiki so awesome ^^

  10. I still have my shana waiting for photograph session :p

    very sharp photos here, a lot sharper than the kureha set.

    and also last picture rulez :D

  11. I was interested but yeah the price is really high. Its the hair that really got me, not the face which has never been good on any shana figurine I’m aware of, even now…

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