Doujin Work Dakimakura / Room Cleaning


Fans of characters Tsuyuri and Sora from Doujin Works might be interested in getting the dakimakura-ized versions that will be released on February 29th 2008.

2 more news items in this post.

tsuyuripillow_01 sorapillow_01 

tsuyuripillow_02 sorapillow_02

Word’s in that these original illustrations of 150cm x 50cm will be on sale at a very nice price of ¥10,500 per case only and will be available for pre-order via Hobby Search and other retailers. Manufacturer’s Matching World.

Is it me or has the prices of Dakimakuras increased by a bit? Now that it’s at a price of ¥10,000 or so, otakus are probably in a dilemna in choosing either to get an eroge or a dakimakura.

Still prefer the top pictures of them intentionally showing their naughty bits ^^;

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Also, just launched recently is Japanese eroge review website, Eroge Review. Maintained by two writers, Nargrakhan and Ayyo, the site’s does english reviews of the Japanese eroges and has currently one review (Kissing!! under the mistletoe) under it’s wing at the moment.

Might want to check it out if again once it gets more reviews up over the coming year.

Source: Via Heisei Democracy


^ Guess that eroge!

And in other news, my room’s currently getting it’s floor completely polished so for the next two days, will have to sleep in the living hall (NO ANIMU!) ORZ

As you can see, it’s pretty empty now, except for a portable table, laptop and my bed. These will be shifted out in the morning. The rough surfaces are the parts that needs more polishing. You can see how my room looks like before over at this post.

Found a CD that contained my first few “open sourced” eroges, Try to guess the name of the game on the screen. It runs on DOS :)

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  1. Nice lappy there.Omg cute Dakimakuras. Anyways just recenltly added you to my blog. Add me back? =)
    You can put the title as ☆.Daily Life.☆

  2. Man, I can’t ever properly clean my room because I have to share it with my brother. That and I have no space to move my stuff out anyway lol.

    I’d take Tsuyuri anytime, by the way.

  3. @Choo: Thanks, have added you in ^^;

    @Zeroblade: Can’t throw him out? Siding with Sora for this one ^o^

    @Akiraman: Hope you don’t lose it all!

    @Hijiko: NO U!

    @double: Should be shifting in the beds and stuff tonight.

  4. Nosebleed. Nice Dakimakuras you got there.^^
    Hope you don’t suffer anime withdrawal symptom.
    On an unrelated topic. just added you to my blogroll, could you link back please, thanks. the name is Full Moe Panic!!!

  5. I have carpet in my place so I will have to soap and rinse everything instead of polish. That’s an old ero on your laptop? Do you use it for reference lol? Btw I notice that use a acer laptop, right on, thats what I’m using right now lol. I was wondering why it looked so familiar ^^.

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