Kureha, Gazing under the moon


Just on the day of Christmas, I was out at the park for a quiet near-evening walk when I chanced upon Kureha over at a lonely spot.

She was gazing out at the moon, with this sophisticated but attractive look on her face. I didn’t realize her beauty only after looking through the viewfinder. Damn, I must have been blind or something.



\Review of Kureha from Max Factory/

I realized that what makes Kureha this attractive is not just her curvaceous body, but instead, her gaze that she makes which seems she’s remembering something of the past.

The design and sculpt of the figure is absolutely one of the best, although there are some debris here and there. I really love the unique sleeve design and the scarf-like thing around her neck.

One thing I probably didn’t like at first was the way her leg was positioned, but after several viewings of the figure, I though it was pretty nice pose. Cutesy.






Product: Kureha Max Factory Ver.
Anime/Game: Shining Wind
Produced by: Max Factory
Sculptor: Shunji Hagii
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Release Date: Mid October 2007
Price: ¥6,515
Available: 1999.co.jp (Out of stock)

\Photography Notes/

I was actually pretty disappointed with how the photos turned out, except for the first shot that was actually taken 2 weeks prior. The shots for this shoot turned out rather overexposed and there was this faint hint of yellow tint even after doing a custom WB.

Table set-up of this shoot was different as I used my sister’s table. It was larger so I though there would be more space to work around with. Will probably do a re-take in the future ^^;

\Post Processing/

Did auto-leveling followed by various photo filter and/or a bit of curve adjustments inbetween.


Better coverage at both Kureha (super rats) and Dannychoo.com but you guys should have probably seen them.

17 thoughts on “Kureha, Gazing under the moon”

  1. The ribbon is cute and how they positioned the bow through the hair is nice. I notice the “debris” on her strap I assume, comes with mass production lol. Everyone’s getting a Kureha except me lol, hoping the local anime store gets her in soon.

  2. I recently took photos of her outside and my god, without post processing they look awesome. I’m surprised you didn’t go outside for this photo shoot, but given that you’ve been busy I can understand. You need more figures man!

  3. She’s cute, I do find it’s her bright orange dress that makes this figurine attractive :D

    I think that your first shot has too much light on the right side, 3rd shot is the best :D

  4. Awwwww so nostalgic! I’ve put my Kureha back into the box cos I’m shifting house! Now I’m tempted to get her out again!

    Great effort for the pix! Its really not easy photographing her I’d say. I had my fair share of complaints too! LOL. A few hours shoot turned out to be a 2 days shoot for me. (;´Д`)

    Anyway you did great! keep up the good work! :)

  5. One of the best anime figures ever made… She’s also my type of girl. For me it’s rather her facial expression and pose that make her so unique. *Melts*

    I guess that’s what’s best qualifies Kureha.

  6. @AS: You have to get her!

    @Adun: Yeah. I was thinking of doing a outdoor shoot for her once my internship’s over.

    @Deranged & Chraen: Thanks!

    @ron~: Hmm… Still prefer the first picture XD

    @Danny Choo: Won’t want to spoil Kureha ^^;

    @double: Not enough justice yet!’

    @dice: Thanks! This is actually my 3rd – 4th shoot of her ^^;

    @D_Blade: Now we need one that RL!

    @super rats: Yup, I absolutely think so.

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