Moeside in 2007: Final Post of the Year


With the year 2008 coming in just a few hours, this will be the last article for 2007.

This year passed faster than one could say “ifaptomoe” and was an especially eventful year for me – In particular restarting this blog and redefining it’s vision and pushing it all the way up.

I must admit I have realized the changes that have happened over this whole year. Travelling alone to a foreign country has also forced me to grow-up rather quickly. But it has it perks as well. Meeting up with some of the people from the online community has been always an exciting thing for me and I was glad to have met up with Danny Choo, Don777 in my recent trip to Japan and also Adun, Icie and seorang during my trip to Australia in April.

Besides them, there are also the local animeblogging community, Collateral Damage Studio (CDS)  and ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) scene. Been involved with much more local events this year as well and have met many great people as well.

Besides that, I’ve also successfully completed my coursework for my Information Communications Technology diploma at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and is due to graduate once my internship finishes on the 1st of February. The last semester (Internship) was one of the fastest days of my life as I have been busy with the project tasked to me. Am also due to take my driving’s test in about 2 fridays away.

Of course, with winners there are also failures. I made my Grade 8 piano examination last year September and failed again during the retake this March. This happened even while interning, as I met with coding failures and deadlines. Both experiences have harden me and I’ve ultimately become a stronger person.

So, what about this blog then? Truth be told, I have never really though much about it but have always though it would be nice to continue with what I have been doing – Delievering Japanism and Otaku-ism, together with a splash of ‘moé’ and ‘ero’ (ecchi ^^;) that people will read, share and enjoy.  

Of course, I’m still far from the what other blogs have achieved (,,, Happysoda etc) , but I’m liking the response and feedback from you readers and will be continuing to launch more features together with upgrades to the site. Expect more next year (TOMORROW!)

This year’s memories which can be found in the 2007 archives. And once again, Thank you all and see you on the other side. May the moé be with you (Leaps into Portal with Tohsaka Rin).

20 thoughts on “Moeside in 2007: Final Post of the Year”

  1. Happy (Jappy) New Year!!

    Wow looks like 2007 has been busy for ya~
    I gave up my grade 8 piano like some 10 years ago! Good luck anyway! Any plans to retake? HOHOHO

    As for driving, I just got mine like last year. Wishing you ALL the luck you can get for a ONE-TIME pass~ ~(^.*)~ save the money to buy more figurines! haha!

    Well, at least I’ve graduated from NP some 6 years ago. ghees makes me feel sooooo old now~! (´ヘ`;)

  2. Lol, aren’t we the busy person ^^. I think your blog is awesome, keep it up if you can. Happy New Year to you.

  3. @Adun: こちらこうそ。今年もよろしくおねがいします!

    @double, Akiraman, Setsune-san, Sylon Beta, Chraen: Thanks!

    @Hijiko: You still owe me my Rin plushie :/
    Happy New Year anyways.

    @Soshi: ありがとう!

    @alafista, Lelouch, Deathy, ron~: Happy New Year to you guys!

    @dice: Haha. Will be retaking it this March. :)

    @AS: Thanks!!

    @Danny Choo: も直ぐ出します!

    @Seiryuu: Yeah, she’s very cutesy.

    @D_Blade, The Geek, super rats: Thanks mate!

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