A week in Singapore

^ Unfortunately we don’t have cute witches flying around on brooms :/

Was thinking of bringing more about the local scene to your readers. In attempt to do that, I’ll be starting a series called “A week in Singapore”, inspired by Danny Choo’s “A week in Tokyo”.

I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to this every week but let’s just try it out ^^


My room in a mess after shifting everything back in after the floor got polished. It’s all cleaned up now.


Hanging out with a couple of guys at Manga Oasis Cafe in Suntec City. That’s Spaceballs on the laptop.


Trying to make it a routine to do a bit of drawing practice every week. This one’s a lineart drawn from the girl in PINK CHU CHU’s latest artbook.


Though my friend, Xephonia has better lineart. Wonder when I’ll reach that level ^^;


Dinner for that day was Nasi Lemak, which is steamed rice that has been soaked in coconut cream. Comes with dried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, egg, chicken, cucumber slices and spicy hot sauce (Chilli).

You can choose any accompaniments to come along or select from the set. Chose the set that came with the fish (The store called it Fried Tempura fish) but it was just ordinary fried breaded fish. Tasted pretty alright.


Browsing my friend’s issue of Megami Creators (February). Illustrator’s 「ゆきうさぎ」 (Yukiusagi). Awesomely cutesy girl. Me wants ^^;


Night shot of the city skyline. The colored version turned out blurry as I didn’t had a tripod. That’s the Esplanade on the right, more locally known as “The Durain”.


Waraku, a Japanese Restuarant. Tried once. The prices are pretty decent.


Some more buildings.


Another shot of the Esplanade.


Waiting for the train. Security doors in all underground stations.


Something went wrong with the picture ^^;


Crowded train.. though not as crowded as during Japan’s rush hour.




Was at a bar with a bunch of friends for New Year’s eve. How was yours?


Taking a cab home first thing in the morning after New Year’s Celebrations.

Cab fares here have pretty much increased. Midnight surcharge (12 midnight till 6am in the morning) costs 50% of your fare. So if your fare’s original price + 50% of it.


Vending machine selling Japanese drinks. Costs more than the local drinks as they are usually imported.


Enjoying some McFlurry at MacDonalds and do some reading. Prefer reading at home though ^^;


Buying some Yong Tau Foo for dinner.

\Photography Notes/

Photos taken with both a EOS 400D and Olympus IR-300.


19 thoughts on “A week in Singapore”

  1. Lol, I’m surprised you bought a WordPress for Dummies. At your level, you should be able to see how WP works. It’s the PHP you need to know if you want to create functionality.

  2. Lol, I thought you had great coding skills, you don’t need that book ^^. The nasi lemak looks good, maybe I’ll order it if I see it. Space Balls is a hilarious parody, may the swartz be with you ^^. Keep up the weekly posts if you can.

  3. Good going! I hope to see more of it!

    I only visited Singapore (as well as Hong-Kong and Malaysia in the same time) when I was around 10.
    The metro was so ahead of its time back then.

    The other vivid memory is a hotel in Singapore named Genting. It is huge and I always felt it could reach the clouds… And I wondered if there was a casino inside. Does that ring a bell to you (no jokes on nicks here, as I don’t feel sharp tonight)?

    Keep it up then!

  4. @Deathy: Life is always exciting, just got to look at the big picture at times ^^;

    @Adun: Even after using WordPress for almost 3 years, there are still some functions that I have never used and need to do somereading up on ^^; Do have PHP books around.

    @Tragic comedy: Thanks!

    @Soshi: Haha. Draw more too!

    @AS: LOL. My coding skills are probably the worst trait of mine.. but it’s slowly improving recently. Thanks!

    @D_Blade: Genting is in Malaysia! Won’t kill you.

    @Danny Choo: Sure! Will bring you around if you do.

    @Kaori: Taken with my arms slightly raised ^^;

  5. That’s a pretty nice lineart, honestly. I wish I could draw at least that good!

    That artbook of Pink Chu Chu and Megami Creators makes me want to start hunting for anime-related magazines and artbooks. @_@

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