SGanimebloggers 1st Anniversary Dinner Gathering!


Just a few hours ago, I was at a mini-gathering with the members of Singapore Anime Bloggers (SGAB). That evening, many otakus from different walks of life gathered together in Kado man, a small Japanese restaurant at Grand Plaza Hotel.

This gathering marks the first anniversary of SGAB, which started off a year ago with just a few members, to now a nice growing number of 60+.


The core members of SGAB had a private room of their own so they could do their own thing inside while the rest of us shenanigans were seated outside. I was late for the gathering due to matters to be settled earlier so I got a seat outside ^^;



Was seated beside the guy with the laughing man. He kindly requested his face to be ‘Laughing manned”.




Had elbow macaroni Salad and Salmon set which was very worth the money. Came to a total of 24.50SGD but I was very happy with it.

Besides eating and chatting, the otakus also shared some of their goods brought back from the recent Comiket (C73).

Pictures below are of Kantoku’s C73 release. Awesome stuff and lots cutesy girls. Me wants!






And not forgetting the group photos.


From Left to Right

Row 1: Xephonia, Zelfi, umehiko, Mista, double, John, winsonkoh
Row 2: nsfhdj, l_lawliet, bj0rN, (hiding)LSS, Akaiwolf
Row 3: Windbell, xharky, Sentinel, Xak, birdsad, kimjim, tragic comedy, somatic, rdrake, sherman, eugenics, jinyamoto, triplekill

Thanks for all who came for the gathering today. It was very nice to help met up with some who I barely know ^^; For Singaporean Otakus who would like to join in, feel free to! Find us at #SGanimebloggers @!

\Photography Notes/

Taken with a EOS 400D and standard kit lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 together with a Gitzo tripod. I did a white balance with a piece of tissue paper before taking the shots ^^;

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16 thoughts on “SGanimebloggers 1st Anniversary Dinner Gathering!”

  1. Lol! haha so far i think im the only otaku in my country. =P anyways I’ve change my blog title entirely from ☆.Daily Life.☆ to Rhapsody SoS. Hope you won mind changing it in your blog. Thanks ^^

  2. Good photos, it looks more fun to sit inside than outside it seems~ ^^ I shall take one of the group photo for my blog, don’t mind right? :P

  3. As long as seeing photos, The restaurant is like a Japanese set meal restaurant in an univ town(学生街の定食屋)rather than an ordinary izakaya.

    BTW, All the blogger are so young!, I can’t find any oyaji/ojisan blogger(^^).I can spot you, DM, and Umehiko only…

    Does Singaporean also show Japanese style “V sign” on a photoshot ?

  4. lol, I’m not sure if there are enough bloggers around here to do a gathering. It’s great to see that everyone does a get together lol, the otaku spirit is strong in Singapore.

  5. @double, winsonkoh: Please do. Just remember to link back to this post ^^;

    @Choo: Sure! Will change it.

    @Adun: You should have came over! Lots of food here!

    @Danny Choo: Am waiting for the scans myself! Hope I could borrow it from a friend and scan it ^^;

    @tragic comedy: It’s full of ero and win! I almost got a bone- nosebleed while flipping thru it.

    @don777: If you count 0ne(a.k.a Zer0-san) in. He’s a oyaji/ojisan blogger ^^; We don’t really do the “V” sign in a photoshoot, just prefer to look at the camera, smile and maybe do some funny poses or signs. We do the “V” sign on the head though (Bunny/Usagi).

    @Sylon Beta: You don’t need to be a seasoned blogger. Just join in! Many of those present don’t blog at all, just casual anime viewers.

    @Soshi: Yeah, unfortunately. ^^; You should join us next time!

    @AS: Could try searching for bloggers around your region.

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