Moeside Registrations!

^ Lunamaria wants you now

Thought it’s about time I had something like this.

Moeside is now open for registrations!

Did think that it would be nice to slowly build up this blog into a portal delivering Japanism and Otaku-ism packaged together with “Ero” and “Moé”!

Register for an account over at and you will be able to…

  • Upload your own avatar which will be displayed beside your comment
  • Prevent others from using your nick name
  • Expose your profile page and blog to others (soon)
  • Much more (sooon ^^;)

How do I register?

To register, simply click on the “Register” text under the “Moeside Menu” at the right sidebar. You will then be bought to a registration page where you can key in your email (A valid email) and desired username.

An email will be sent to your email address (That’s why a valid email’s required) containing your password and some moe.

If you can’t find the “Register” tab, click here.

How does it work?

Folks who have registered will then be able to access their account once they have checked their email for the password.

You can then change the password in the “Profile” page (Users > Your Profile) to something you like (E.g Moe, Stormtrooper, etc).


Once logged in, you will see a menu on the right that reads “Your Menu”. This displays your current avatar, together with a couple of quick links to the control panel.

How about the avatar?

You can easily upload an personalized avatar of your own under the “Avatar” (Users > Your Avatar) page or click on the quick link under “Your Menu” at the sidebar.


What do you think of this feature? Would really like to hear your comments and thoughts on it!

Do know that you might see the “Moeside Menu” even after logging in. It’s how the code has been written. Am still thinking of how to work around that.

And for those who have been wondering why the lack of posts over the last few days, this week and the next week would be a very very busy week for me as I have a couple of things to be submitted and completed (Report’s due next monday ,have a Japanese speech to give next week, have to finish up project development for my internship ^^;). Got a test within the next few hours.

Will be working on the “Moe Picture of the Day” function once I get a bit more free time. Is there any functions you would like to see next?


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  1. @double, @Danny Choo: Thanks!

    @Deathy: Thanks! Will think of more features to launch!

    @ron~, Setsuna-san: LOL! Hm… But you guys will get a nosebleed and lose all that blood!

    @D_Blade: Thanks!

    @Tragic comedy: Douzo! Lunamaria is waiting for you ^^;

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