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For those who were wondering what test I took today, as mentioned in the previous post, read on (The title pretty much says it all). Else, enjoy the cutesy girl holy momma eyes above ^^;

Anyone recognize the artist? Smells like a Koume Keito.

Just took my Class 3 Manual Driving Test this afternoon after having been learning for more than 8 months! Won’t explain in detail how I felt during the test but I must say it was kinda nerve-wrecking.

It was pretty lucky that I managed to pass. We had to ballot for our routes. I got test route 3, which was pretty alright.

However, during the test, I changed to the center lane before I was told to as we had to drive straight and do a U-turn after the junction (according to the test route) and the tester instructed me to do a left turn at the junction instead. Ah well, at least I avoided having to do a U-turn ^^;


Anyway, here’s some of the mistakes I made during the test, for those who’re interested

  • Delay in Moving Off [Buffer Point][2 points]
  • Incorrect Positioning [Buffer Point]
  • Fail to check blind spot [Buffer Point]
  • Incorrect checking of blind spot/mirror [2 points][2 points]
  • Fail to signal in good time [Buffer Point]
  • Total Demerit Points Accumulated: 6 [Passed]

The Buffer Points mean that it carries no demerit point. Kinda like a chance.

And yes, I can now finally drive! No more having to visit the driving school or drive illegally without proper instructors again! [Get into the Car with Rin and drives off home to continue on my report ORZ]

Oh! How was your driving test like?


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  1. Congrats!!! Being able to drive should make life much more convenient now, I suppose.

    I shall beginning taking up driving lessons as soon as I hit 18. Orz, the disadvantages of being young.

  2. Now you can start learning to drive properly! Real driving doesn’t start until you can learn how to drive on your own. But congrats on passing, but I still reckon you should come back to Sydney and I’ll show you what driving is, lol.

  3. Congrats on passing your test, beats wasting time on public transport.

    btw The artist is Happoubi Jin, can I get my No-Prize, please?

  4. @double: Enjoy your youth while you can! I’m missing some parts of it already.. ORZ

    @Adun: LOL. Will you be speeding on the freeway at 160Km/h? Don’t know when I’ll drop by Sydney or Melbourne again.

    @Mitsuki_Hayase: When I get the money and the time and the girls ^^;

    @yikhai: Ah Yes. Happoubi Jin! Am very much a fan of his works! Even bought the BOIN artbook. Just that his name’s kinda hard to remember lol. Oh, you get a moe cookie ^^

  5. Hahaha everyone seems to be congratulating you post after post!!!

    I’m still learning agggh and I hate checking for blind spots. I need to get tips from you when I go for my test!

  6. I took only 4 months to take my drivers license. Three faults at “traffic laws” and bum better luck next time, didn’t miss a single one ^^. Anyway grats on passing

  7. That’s pretty lax standards on blind spots.

    In other countries, failing to check your blind spot is an automatic fail, because an unsafe lane change is one of the largest causes of fatal accidents. I’ve been in some close situations on the highway, where other drives cut into my own lane and I only avoided a collision because I slammed on the brakes. I’ve been lucky in that no one was following me too closely otherwise I’d be rear-ended.

    But anyway, congrats on obtaining your license.

  8. @Soshi: がんばっれ!

    @Belela-san: Thanks!

    @intro: I think the only reason I got that mistake was because I didn’t check all the blind spots (Did check most of them, but missed checking the right blind spot) before making a right turn at a junction(though the traffic was clear). And, the standard here is average I guess, compared to some of the neighbouring countries where they do lane changing without signalling and abrupt turns.

    @Adun: So long it’s not over nine thousand ^^;

    @Danny Choo: おっぱい おっぱい !

    @Setsuna-san: The reason why it takes so long here is because there are many courses that we need to take. For example, we are required to take 2 theory tests (Basic and Advanced) which is basically the highway codes.

    In addition to that, there’s a 5 stages of driving we’re required to do, which takes up to about 20-ish driving lessons (Period is dependant on the slots available in the driving school and your own schedule)

    Furthermore, there’s usually a 3-4 months wait once you book your driving test date. Pretty much explains why it takes such a long time ^^;

  9. Nice… feels good to drive around at night for no reason =P.

    Congratulations, don’t get yourself killed D=.

  10. Lol, I actually failed my first test, though I hear my instructor isn’t the nicest one around. I passed easily on the second try but had to wait almost ten hours since 5 am to get to the DMV and wait in line to get a chance. A new law where I live requires you to have a permit at least one year before you actually take the test, and you need to book a spot at least six months in advance or else you will have to wait like me lol. I agree with Adun, you don’t “truly” learn how to drive until you actually drive by yourself on the road where you learn all sorts of tricks and normalcy amongst drivers. Congrats on passing your test ^^.

  11. @Hiji: LOL. No way I’ll do that to get myself killed! But yeah, it’s feels good to drive around at night. Some quiet time for yourself.

    @AS: Wow. That’s a pretty long wait. For us, the test is usually 3-4 months after you start doing your practical lessons (Unless you book your test to be at a later date). If you do pass on the first round, you’re good to go, else, we’ll be required to do 2 more practical lessons and rebook the test which is usually at least 2- 6 months from your previous test date. Some get it lucky and manage to get a earlier test date.

    @Zeroblade: Just a week’s worth of intensive course?! Do you get enough practice to be able to drive properly on the road?

  12. not planning on learning how to drive. i’m the sort of person who prefers a bicycle (i’m too distracted to drive; probably would crash the car on a 1/2-km wide straight road with no other drivers nearby and no trees as well.)

  13. Great work!
    6 demerit points?! that’s |33+. And im jealous.
    I think i got 14 or 16 when i pass mine driving test, on the 2nd try.

    Now, it’s time to hit the expressway.

  14. Wow another first time pass-er! Congrats~ I still remember my own experience and yeah I nearly failed because of that Fail to signal in good time. Hahaha~
    I think I spent around 8 months & 2K plus for my entire driving exp. >.

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