C73 Loot Teaser


Just a simple teaser post of the C73 stuff I got, with the help of friends who were in Japan for Comiket 73.

Not as extensive or huge compared to my Japan loot or AMR loot but it has some pretty nice stuff there ^^; One of these books has Rin doing very ‘nice’ stuff w00t!

Will do a proper post on the loot once I’m done with my report.

Did you get any goodies from C73?

(P.S For those wondering whether I do change the bed sheets since they are the same every time I take a loot pic, yes I do!)

24 thoughts on “C73 Loot Teaser”

  1. Happy nosebleeds!

    Say, who is that girl on Miku’s right (as well as the series she’s from)? She looks much nice. ^^
    Thanks in advance, as always.

  2. Zomg, please don’t tell me you really sold it for 100 bucks, otherwise I will forever regret not buying it for that price at mac’s that day >

  3. D_Blade, it’s Caren from Fate/ Hollow Ataraxia.
    Man I’m jealous of your Little Busters calendar… but i guess a hundred bucks might be a little too much after I bought the Ito Noizi art book bomb.

  4. @Zeroblade: It’s my precious!

    @Danny Choo: 全部使いました ^^;

    @Mitsuki_Hayase: Thanks for the dinner treat :)

    @moyism: Oh no! You will get it all diry!

    @hihi123: You have bought quite a bit of loot yourself!

    @D_Blade: Caren from Fate/Hollow Ataraixa. Quite a hottie.

    @Sylon Beta: Haha. Tried asking your friends?

    @ZeroG: I stash them in a secret cupboard with all the rest of my loot.

    @Yukarin: I sold it at 95 to a friend instead and he treated me to dinner for that.

    @leefe: The Noizi Itou book released on C73 wasn’t that great in my my opinion.

    @Deathy: The VOCALOID book’s pretty good. Why everyone wants the calendar?! :O

  5. Gah, it seems like my comment was eaten up by the spam eating monster. If it isn’t and it’s just my Internet lagging, then I apologise in advance for the double post.

    @Windbell: I don’t have any friends that I can ask, unfortunately.

    @Deathy: I second that; Key IS after all famous. I’m listening to a Key song while writing this (It’s the credits song for Mio’s story arc)

  6. Ah, thanks. I followed the link that you provided, but it only has a link to get the game (And a figurine of Kudo, but I’m not a figurine sort of person). Ah well, I’ll just have to make do with this keychain that I got. *Sits in corner, downtrodden*

  7. Probably a lot of peopl wanted it because Little Busters = cute and the calendar would have.. a lot of it ^^

  8. People are all over the Little Busters calendar, but nobody notices the Chronolog book? Shame. It’s her first color illustration book in what, two years? Three? When I first heard of it, I suffered a major orz, because I wouldn’t be able to get it.

  9. Yeah I know… The art book failed my expectations =(
    But the telephone card set was pretty neat IMO.

    I’m so jealous of that Little Busters! Calendar =/

    Should really visit Japan when I have the chance. orz

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