Tsukino Azusagawa, Sexy Swimsuit Ver.


Looking down at the address hastily written on a piece of paper, I quickly headed down as I’ve heard I could get to taste Tsukino’s legendary buns that she bakes with skill and love. All I could think about was getting some of those buns and a shot of the baker herself.

Her place was near the beach, and when I arrived, I got more than I had bargained for. Tsukino was in her finest bikini waiting for me.

“Let’s go then” she then said.


Review of Tsukino Azusagawa (Swimsuit Version) from Alter
Tsukino Azusagawa, the illegitimate child of the Azusagawa family, changes out of her usual baker’s attire and dons a pink striped bikini, an attire which I would be glady to see. This is the second figure of her from Alter, sculpted by Saito Fumuki.

As far as baker girls go, I think that Tsukino is one that I would want. Her first figure, which has her in the usual baker’s attire, giving that cheeky expression was great, but this swimsuit figure has bought the standards to a new level.


The overall look of this figure has been very nicely fitted together, no unnecessary bits and pieces that stick out like a sore thumb, just the girl, the bikini, and the twintail hair. I really do like the curve she has on her stomach, as it pretty much defines Tsukino’s slender body.

Most of the detail sculpting is in her hair, where there is a number of rendered strands, though the front strands looks a bit weird, I didn’t really mind them.

Tsukino is a free-standing figure, which requires no base to support her up, though the manufacturer have included a textured round base that looks like sand.






^ Accessories and fapping materials not included

Product: Azusagawa Tsukino Swim Suit Ver.
Anime/Game: Yakitate Japan!
Produced by: Alter
Sculptor: Fumiki Saito
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Release Date: Late August 2007
Price: ¥4,980
Available: 1999.co.jp (Sold Out)

Photography Notes


This shoot presented a new challenge to me as it was my first taking figures using a white background. Shots taken have an exposure of +1 step and at a F number of 8.

Do feel that the background’s a little dark, I probably got to add another lamp?


Auto-leveling in Photoshop followed by a couple of photo filter effects.


Borrowed the straw hat and shoes from Asuka’s Summer Set (She tsun-ed for a bit ^^;) and got that bench from Daiso for 2 SGD.


Better photos that beat the 7 shades out of me over at super rats.

25 thoughts on “Tsukino Azusagawa, Sexy Swimsuit Ver.”

  1. I cancelled my pre-order for this figurine, seems like she’s very cute, may get here maybe in the future ^^;

    about the photo, if you want to achieve true white, you need at least 3 lamps just for the background… I wrote a post about doing true white bg photograph in December ^^

  2. What a wonderful figure. Face, posture, details… She’s even blushing. Wow.
    Now, if only she had bigger “eyes”… Oh, I’m being picky again. ^^

    Great photoshoot for a great figure.

  3. Very beautiful pictures. If I had the room, I’d be tempted to get that figure myself

    Also, nice pics in general. I’m just getting into figure photography myself so finding sites with details on how they took their pics is really helpful

    Ron~ I’ll be sure to check your site as well. I’ve still alot to learn so anything I can find is welcomed info.

  4. Ahhh, I remember this figure from super rats blog. The face just doesn’t agree with me, it looks awkward to me. I’ve seen her many times at the local anime store but pass up on her every time.

  5. @ron~: Yeah, I saw your tutorial on achieving true white background. Awesome tutorial! Got to try it someday.

    @D_Blade: LOL. I actually quite like Tsukino and her buns. Not too large or small. ^^;

    @gordon: Welcome! Might want to register @ moeside (https://www.moeside.net/weblog/2008/01/10/moeside-registrations/)

    @Bob-san: You might also want to try out super rats’ “Figure on Cheap Lighting” and “Not-Kyon’s Background Guide for Figure Pictorials“. Great tutorials that got me started out. Take more pictures and also study the pictuers taken by other figure photographers ^^

    @AS: Haha. I think the face is a rather unique feature. Viewed from certain angles and you can get a very cute Tsukino!

    @Adun: I will. Just need moar figures. Will you ship some hawt ones over?

    @Danny Choo: Used up all the condensed milk ^^;

    @V2: Thanks!

    @leefe: LOL.

    @LianYL: Just a bit of post-processing.

    @valho: Thanks! I feel that there are still a couple of cuter shots I could have taken.

  6. really… *sight*
    The more I see her (especially through picture like the 3rd one), the more I am saying to me “why on Earth did you not order this gorgeous Yukino!? dumbass!”
    Haha but well, the one with Pantasia uniform is enought for me, and since there are choices to make time to time…

    And by the way, lovely accessories! Suit her perfectly ^^

  7. ya, that’s how the hair sculpt should be.. detailed and smooth.. never even tot of ordering her back then.. but now.. erm.. change of mind after looking at your photos.. ^^

  8. @lu-k: LOL! The accessories belongs to the Asuka Summer Set. Borrowed it from her ^^;

    @super rats: Hmm… yes *drools*

    @Prim3: Haha. It’s probably out of stock at Hobbysearch at the moment but you could try HLJ.

  9. Looks nice! ^^

    Sadly I have not the time or patience to do a proper setup for still life photography (or the space in my house to do so hur hur)

  10. Nice pics! But oops sorry I honestly thought you’ve selected a gray background. I’m no expert but yeah I agree with ~Ron. I think you may need one of those light boxes. I haven’t yet tried Ron’s set up yet but will definitely do so one day (after I shift out of my house & settle down) boohoo~

    Anyway I like the Tuskino figure more than her in the anime though. I can’t see really well but I thought she had a slight blush on her cheeks that makes her look all the more moeeeee~

  11. Tsukino is absolutely delicious. It’s a shame she didn’t get the service she deserve in the manga or anime.

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