Itasha Show Illustrations


Danny Choo of has recently did a post of the Itasha car show that was held at the last comiket. Itasha basically means plastering your vehicle with anime stickers and other forms of decrorations.

I have managed to find 2 of the illustrations used on the bonnet of the PINK CHU CHU fan’s car.


(Clicky click on image for the high-res version)

Both illustrations are from the eroge Miraroma , also known as Miracle Romanace Strawberry Scramble. If anyone has the rest of the illustrations, please do share ^^;

Want that PINK CHU CHU itasha now!

I won’t mind pastering my car (when I get one) with illustration that I drew (If I could draw properly) so it’s probably PINK CHU CHU’s illustrations for now ^^; How about some Happobi Jin?

Would any of you guys itasha your car?


18 thoughts on “Itasha Show Illustrations”

  1. Well, upon doing a little search for you, I found no new pics of Miraroma (Boo.).
    However, you got one video on Youtube (Yay!) and there are figures of Erika and Kaede (Which sadly are way subpar).

    *Briefly drools at the second picture*

    Ahem. Anyway, and to return to the main subject, I don’t own a car and I would only go for itasha if I were sure at 100% that my car would be safe before and after applying stickers.

    Well, that’s that. *Disappears again*

  2. *Reappears for a very short time*

    Sorry for a second comment in a row, but I wanted to inform you that there are HUGE scans of Miraroma at moe.imouto.
    I’m truly off now. ^^

    *Rushes out like the wind*

  3. Not really a fan of Itasha, mostly because this seems to be something really Japanese and it’s something we would never see here in Portugal because the anime here is not really that famous

  4. Would never convert my car into an itasha since my money would go into performance upgrades while keeping the car looking stock. Nothing can beat a piano black coating of paint, NOTHING!!! =P

  5. @D_Blade: That’s where I originally grabbed it from ^^;

    @don777: Hm.. I would like to do that!

    @Deathy: LOL! They won’t run

    @Zeroblade: If they start selling moe KEY cars, will you be the first to buy?

    @Belela: Probably more suitable in places where anime is more exposed, like the South East Asia side.

    @Hemisphere: Ah! Thanks! Now to look for a torrent of it that’s still being seeded.

    @Hiji: NO U! I’ll plaster it with Rin stickers. Rin

  6. If only i could have 1 decal set for each day of the week! Lucky Star Kona/Kagamin, a Shugo Chara set, a Rena set, a Shana set, a loli-collection set and a DaCapoI/II set! (^ v ^)

    First, i need to GET the car to put them on.

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