Japanese Speech Contest

^ B-Baka! Minaide yo~!

Think I did mention about this somewhere last week. Participated in a Japanese speech contest (Inter-class) just yesterday as part of the Japanese class curriculum.

It’s actually my second time participating in one of these speeches, with my first during January last year.

For this speech contest, we had to think of a topic, draft it out, get it checked and re-edit if necessary. Once done, practice the speech till you say it out while looking at some 2D girl’s eyes without stuttering.

However, didn’t had much time to practice my speech (Due to my poor schedule) so I had to read it out while on stage. Not really professional but it couldn’t be helped ^^;

Below’s my speech if anyone wants to take a look. It’s in Japanese as I’m lazy to translate it… (The hiragana in the brackets are furigani)














Followed by the video I had my friend to record while I did my speech…quite a bit of stuttering

Woot. I’ll be graduating with a Diploma Plus Certificate in Foreign Language!


And a picture I took with the Japanese girls from Waseda Shibuya that were invited. One of the many "omg-kawaii-i-wants-nao" school girls that were there ^^; Got their emails too! Yay!


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  1. The video doesn’t work! Q__Q Wahh.. I want their uniform xD Nice speech, going to Japan is always lots of fun :]

  2. After watching this, you really need something to help you relax and articulate your words better (small amounts of alcohol works for me =P). Other than that, interesting speech even though I understood nothing.

  3. winny you should have learnt how to speak like Horo in Wolf and Spice. It’d have been bloody great, what with “wachi” standing in for watashi and all that.

  4. Thank you for posting your speech video.

    Your speech is someting faltering(^^;. But I can get almost of what you said. (Some of proper nouns are hard to understand. This may be because of articulation…)

    Overall, It’s good. You can trust your Japanese ability. Enjoy!

    Thank you for indirect advertisement: Tenya(^^) .

    Finally, I’ve got your real name. Thanks.

  5. WTF! Japanese school girls are just awesome =S. and i totally don understand your speech since its in japanese T_T how i wish i can learn japanese now.

  6. This was definitely an interesting video. I’m not able to read your transcript since I haven’t learned too many kanji yet but I was able to understand most of your speech. It’s probably better than what I could have done since I stutter or rush while giving speeches in Japanese.

  7. my 1st reply didn’t get publish so i try again.

    the girl in the centre is hot.

    in fact the guy on the left looks cute too. (‘~’)

  8. Thanks for posting the video and transcript. Personally, considering that you didn’t have time to rehearse it, it was fine. I couldn’t quite get your meaning at some parts (I can’t quite hear it right), but otherwise it was fine.

  9. I thought you might of been a little close to the mic, but you sound pretty good in your speech. Just a bit more practice and it will be your bread & butter. I wish I can speak Japanese though…Good job!


    Woo, curses for not going to Ngee Ann. Haha, if I did I’d probably could have gone the same route as you and have your level of proficiency in Japanese!

    Okay you’ve inspired me to work harder now! XD

  11. I read through your speech and I like how you used a whole bunch of grammar and stuff! It’s probably the after effects of reviewing grammar but it makes me go “oh that’s how you sound coherent using all the different kinds of grammar together”. LOL. Great work!

  12. Nice :O
    I remember going to a Japanese (language) festival and they had a bunch of speeches there too. My Japanese is horrible though, so I couldn’t understand anything, nor can I read your speech lol

  13. japanese school girls: wIN!!

    and i think, out of the 2 girls, we all know which one of the girls is the “omg-kawaii-i-wants-nao” girl…=D

    oh btw: did u win anything?

  14. The only speech languages I gave were in English and Spanish which none is my native tongue :P. I would like to study Japanese one day but the place that gives Japanese classes is very far away from my home.

  15. @Hiji: Yeah. I can’t articulate difficult words together.

    @icie: Lol. I haven’t caught Wolf and Spice yet so I don’t know.

    @don777: I think I could have written something better. Some of the other speeches that my classmates gave were great. One spoke on “Can love be found on the internet” and another on “Solitude”. I didn’t tell you my real name when me met? すまない!

    @Choo & Honya: Try practicing more ^^;

    @abao & gordon: Yes she is.

    @l-lawliet: Now that you mentioned it, it’s indeed short! :o

    @Sylon Beta: I probably spoke a little too quick ^^;

    @Dando008: I had to lean forward as the mic was a little low.

    @dice: ありがとう!こちらこそう!

    @double: YES I DO.

    @Soshi: My grammer isn’t that great as well. Got to do some reviewing ^^;

    @Zeroblade: Which picture? I added the furigani for both Ikebukuro and Harajuku as I was afraid that I’d forget how to pronounce the kanji if I got too nervous.

    @Tiny Red Man: LOL. Didn’t win anything, but I’m not too concerned about that.

    @Kevin: Thanks!

    @Belela-san: Have you tried learning it online? There are some Japanese learning sites where you can self-learn the language.

  16. Really? I’ve tried to search and came up with nothing, only stores selling books. If you could pinpoint me some I would be thankfull ^^

  17. @Kaori: Oh yes. She’s hawt indeed *nosebleeds again*

    @Zeroblade: Can’t remember at the moment but will get back to you when I find it.

    Danny Choo of dannychoo.com has a post on how he started learning Japanese. Has lots of tips in it as well ( http://www.dannychoo.com/blog_entry/eng/668/Learn+Japanese/ )
    DarkMirage has a simple tutorial on how to get started. ( http://www.darkmirage.com/2006/07/08/beginners-japanese-chapter-0-prologue/ )

    If you already do know Hiragana and Katakana, try reading up on some Japanese blogs. It may seem slow at the start but as you continue to read, you’ll learn even more.

    There’s also J-Prep ( http://www.j-prep.com/ ), an online Japanese study tool which you can use.

    Oh! And continue watching more anime or J-drama. Those are great in picking up pronunciation of words and also helps in improving your Japanese hearing. ^^;

  18. Yoku dekita^^! I’m attending one this year, so supposingly I’ll upload my video too! Either way, some of the adjectives should be in past form I think, or I misunderstood some meaning in the middle there :D

  19. @Mizuu: Arigatou! I think the adjectives are alright, as I did check them thru once and my sensei did so as well.

    @leefe: How’s the classes there like? I’m currently studying at Ikoma. Go for it!

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