A week in Singapore 2

^ Wants nao!

Continuing with the second part of this series. Readers who are new to this series can check out the first "A week in Singapore" post here.


Grabbing some food from the Pasar Malam. Pasar Malam literally means Night Market. Lots of food on sale, tea egg, fried chicken wings, Ramly burger. Particularly like the Steam Cake.


Those who have been to Pasar Malams do know it gets real crowded at night. Besides food, there are also clothes and other crap which you will probably stick in your drawers. Used to grab some of those "open-sourced" eroge/games from there ^^;


Some fried goodies.


Forgotten the name. Got it from the Pasar Malam as well. It’s crispy pancake with peanuts and sugar inside. Lovely stuff.


Taken while heading home.


Singapore is a "fine" city indeed. 


Meeting with a client over at Burger King.


The famous Daiso store over at IMM. Everything in the store costs 2 SGD each (Except for the cashiers ^^;). I always love visiting it as there are lots of interesting stuff to grab.


On a cab to school to submit my project reports. Why do they need 2 copies of it. It’s 110 pages per booklet!  T A T


Really like how this shot turned out.


And this one.


Crossing the road when there’s no cars around. Don’t try this in your country!


Japanese speech contest that took place last week. Lots of cutesy girls there! 
*Continues looking at girl*


Dinner with some friends. The black pepper chicken’s absolutely tasty.


Spotted a Lolicon as well…


Yong Tau Foo for lunch with my family.  One of my favourite dishes.



Been driving the family car whenever possible ^^;


Some drawing/sketching lessons with Xephonia at the Library. My sketch’s on the top but Xephonia’s sketch kicks the seven shades out of mine.



Hanging out with some of my friends. Do you recognize any of them? :p


Saw this right after catching the movie Cloverfield. Thought a monster came by here or something.


Some Long John Silver’s after Japanese lessons. Don’t eat these too often as it’s unhealthy ^^;


Sweet Potato Soup. A dessert which I’ve enjoyed since young.


My room as the sun is about to set. Will take better pictures of it.


Ending this post with a shot taken on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Top image Illustration Notes

Artist: Kusaka

Photography Notes

Photos taken with both a EOS 400D and Olympus IR-300.

22 thoughts on “A week in Singapore 2”

  1. Random thoughts:

    – A 110-pages report?! I’d die attempting to do that. Hope it turned out well;
    – I just love how strict Singapore is, at least most of the inhabitants don’t do stupid things in a chronic way (littering, etc.). Still I wonder the history of bubblegum ban; ^^
    – Both girls are cute, in my opinion (still more attracted to the one in the middle);
    – Sketches are nice… Yours is just less detailed… and are these Dangos on the left side?!

    That’s all! I’ll be looking forward to the next edition of “A week in Singapore”.

  2. Those sketches are really good, you caught a lot of nice views, seems like you had a good time, i like the last photo a very nice view, reminds me of a family members place, just without the nice buildings, also i agree with Adun lol.

  3. I thought your sketch was good; mine resembles a 14 year old’s drawing. I seriously need to improve. Also, the last picture is great. I should someday go to a high spot for sky photography too.

  4. @Adun: The lights turned green just as I snapped the picture!

    @D_Blade: It will turn out well, after all the effort that has been placed in it.

    Singapore is really anal about certain things. People do litter, and you can see the litter lying about. Still prefer how litter free Japan is.
    The bubblegum/chewing gum ban is still around, just that they have loosen the ban a little to allow the introduction of narcotic gums (or something of a similar name) to aid smokers who want to quit smoking.

    I still very much prefer the one in the middle ^^; My sketch needs a lot more work though… and yes, those are dangos on the left.

    Will continue to do more editions of “A week in Singapore”. Really glad you like it :)

    @Danny Choo: LOL! I really like the food in Japan as it is fresh.

    @Kouji: Took that shot just outside my window. Sat on the ledge for a bit to enjoy the Saturday afternoon. Now I just need a hot girlfriend and it would be perfect ;-)

    @double: My mom complains it’s messy ORZ We should do subway in the next time.

    @Sylon Beta: Still improving on drawing myself. I really liked how the last shot came out.

    @samejima: Documentation takes up lots of pages, especially when screen shots of the program are involved ^^;

  5. The food from Long John Silver does look the least healthy out of all the other foods you took a picture of lol. I wonder if anyone is ever caught doing those prohibited actions and had to pay the crazy fine?

  6. @windbell and AS: I always thought that Singapore was full of cops with ninja camouflaging skills and cameras.
    Guess I got it all wrong. ^^;

  7. @desmond: Thanks for the heads up!

    @0ne: If only I travel there…

    @gordon: I’ll have to kill you if I told you ^^;

    @Setsuna-san: And that is not a photoshop. I really spotted one!

    @Tragic comedy: Time to buy a new one?

    @AS: I think some people did. But the crazy amount one has to pay probably detered them all.

    @leefe: Grab some Roti Prata for breakfast ^^;

    @D_Blade: LOL! But that’s not entirely false…

  8. Already taking photo’s while driving right after getting your license? For shame Windbell, for shame… =)

    Burger King… weird place to meet clients =P.

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