Night Photography

A non-otaku related post. Been experimenting more on night photography and street shots.


These were taken just over a few hours ago when I was out driving. Ever since I got my driving licence, it have been much easier to do photoshoots now as travelling won’t be much of a problem.

The shots in this posts have been taken over at Lim Chu Kang, the north western side of Singapore.

The grass in the background reminds me of a wallpaper used in Vista…


These shots were taken using a EOS 400D with a EF-S 18-55mm lens (Standard kit lens). I would have preferred if there was a wide angle lens available. All the nice landscape shots ^^;


Some radio control tower thing.


I really like how this shot turned out. The sky looks amazing.


This feels like a scene from Cosmonaut – Byousoku 5cm where Takaki and Sumida’s walking back home. A little dash of Japan here don’t you think? (Was listening to the Byousoku 5cm OST while driving LOL)


A bad shot here. That’s my dad in the background on the right.


And ending this post with a little monochrome. Anyway, this has been a simple showcase of pictures. Moe, otaku-related stuff will be back in the next post ^^;

15 thoughts on “Night Photography”

  1. It’s lacking tall grasses, otherwise it’d really feel like it’s taken out of Cosmonaut and thrown in RL. And we need a cute girl too. =/

  2. You’re probably better off heading into a more populated area with buildings as it get much more interesting to take photos that way. Remember what I taught you when you came over!

  3. @D_Blade: maybe its because the pictures evoke an eerie atmosphere with the total lack of human lifeforms in most of it. Its sort of like the 28 Days later when one awakes to find that there is no one else around but everything else remains untouched.

    Nice photos windbell i think they would make good pc wallpapers.

  4. Lovely shots! The one with your dad has an eerie invisible tower in the background LOL!
    Hey, You should come to the SG river for some shots. The lights here are amazing! Take the stretch from Esplanade all the way down to Zouk if you have the time. If not then start from Central. My advice, start from dusk. It’s gorgeous! Really! I took some dawn shots but have yet to try the dusk-night ones. I’m swear I’ll do so some time soon! :D

  5. Lovely shots! The shot with your dad has an eerie invisible tower in the background! LOL. Hey you should really come to the SG river for some shooting next time! The lights here are gorgeous! If you have the time, start from the Esplanade all the way down to Zouk. Otherwise you can start from Central as well. My advice, do it during dusk. It’s beautiful~ I did some dawn shots before. Planning to try the night shots some time. ^_^.

  6. @leefe: Good suggestion. Now I need to find a hawt girl for it.

    @D_Blade: The shots were taken at a deserted part of Singapore, and the cemetaries nearby as well.

    @Adun: Yeah, I think I should. This one’s an experiment. Hmm.. can you give me a revision on what you taught me? ^^;

    @Tragic comedy: Thanks!

    @Setsuna-san: Guess it has those “What will you do when you’re all alone” feelings.

    Postnote: After looking at the pictures again, I realized that they depict loneliness and solitude… ^^; Off to a more populated place in the future!

  7. Nice photos. Personally I prefer the empty look, but that’s just me. You need more variety next time. Pic #4 and 5 are especially nice =).

  8. @dice: Ah! Naughty Spam Monster ate up your comment! I haven’t tried photoshooting at the Singapore River yet. Only tried shooting at the esplanade.

    Your night pictures are great btw. Maybe we could meet up for photoshoot ^^

    @Hiji: Will do that.

  9. Perhaps some night nature shots would be good? I mean, certain places, especially those close to nature, look completely different at night. Either way, the shots seem pretty good, depicting emptiness and this sense of silence.

  10. I think there’s plenty of potential in lots of your photos! IMG_3919 is definitely the best of the lot, with a little colour balancing it could be a really nice photo.

    On second thoughts, instead of colour balancing, how about trying to shoot that same scene (angle and all) at different times of the day? Probably and orange-sky-sunset or white-light-and-blue-sky-dawn would give you very nice results! Anyway, yeah I think i just really like the framing and composition of that picture.

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