Shuraki 03 – Char Rhousemann, A sultrist dance


While many Japanese gardens had nice kimono girls in it, this one had a more than just the usual. I was on paid assignment to do a shoot for a very elegant lady – Char Rhousemann.

Having arrived at her place a little earlier, the lady was practicing a little swordskill, one that I always been fascinated about. I began taking shots, while the lady was deep in her practice.


Review of Char Rhousemann (Shuraki Box 03) from Good Smile Company

“WOW!” was the first thing I could utter when I first saw Char Rhousemann. Scuplted in great detail and utmost precision, I almost dare not take her out from the box in fear of dust spoiling her image.

As far as sexy girls with swords go, I feel that Char would be the best out there at the moment. Sure there’s cutesy Shana while her flashy pantsu and delicious loli body, but in terms of curves and sultriness, Char has set a very high level for the rest to beat.



There are 3 ways you can dress her up in, fully clothed, ripped clothes and casted-off (Unless you consider bukkake as a fourth… ^^;). While Char looks nice fully clothed, I actually prefer her without her sleeves, which reveals her armpits and show some skin there, taking the sexiness of this figure to a even higher level.

Detail-wise, I think that the sculptors have done a great job in paying detail to every single part of the figure – The hair, the face, the body and even the “eyes”! And she has very sexy legs indeed. Just look at those! (Not forgetting the eyes as well! おっぱいはおいしいそう!

^ Very very sexy arms

Char stands on a floor-textured base, which has 3 pegs to support her. I very much prefer her in ripped clothes, which very much suits the condition of the base.

One thing I didn’t like about this figure’s is how the paint from the clothes gets onto the figure. Maybe it was because I was too excited to get Char out of those clothes.. which left a ugly paint mark from her ripped clothes ORZ







^ CHARGE! (Sword photoshopped to give a orange look)

^ Can’t wait for the ero version of Little Busters!

Figurine Info

Product: Shuraki Trinity Box 03 Char Rhousemann
Produced by: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Hiro (?)
Scale: 1/8 (~22cm)
Material: PVC
Release Date: Mid January 2008
Price: ¥6,153
Available: (Sold Out)

Photography Notes


The standard 2 lights with diffusers set up. Majority of the photos have been taken at a manual mode , while the rest were at A-DEP (Automatic Depth of View). Have also tried manual focus which was a great learning experience for me.

As for the EXIF of the photos, most have been taking using an ISO of 100, and at f/8. Post-processing included auto-leveling, curves adjustments (for certain photos) and photo filters to enhance the red and bring out more color for the skin.

And no lolis or was Noumi Kudryavka hurt in this shoot.


Got the Japanese Garden Lamp-like thing from Daiso at 2 SGD.


1/8 Char Rhousemann – Shuraki 03 – GSC at Ota desho? by ~ron.


[1554 px x 1166 px]

Decided to play around with photoshop for a bit (which is why this post is late) and made this for you guys. It’s not at wallpaper size at the moment but if there are enough requests, I might create a wallpaper ^^;

Based of IMG_0052.jpg in this post.



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29 responses to “Shuraki 03 – Char Rhousemann, A sultrist dance”

  1. double Avatar

    Sweet extra picture. Wallpaper please!

  2. valho Avatar

    lovely figure and lovely photos, mine suppose to arrive today but *sigh* got delay, so will only get her on monday

  3. ron~ Avatar

    agree that she’s the sexiest sword wielding figurine so far 😀

    I haven’t tried manual focus so far, but maybe soon if I get a cheaper micro lens ^^;

    You may want to move the figurine further from the background to create darker background 😀

  4. Soshi Avatar

    Nice photos!! =D

  5. Belela-san Avatar

    Another great figure from Shuraki line what impresses me the most is the amount of detail in the underwear the only one I remember with so much detail in her underwear was Saber maid.

    The set you made is really simple and very good, what kind of diffusers did you use anyway?

    Loved the composition you made already saved it ^^

  6. Rokku Avatar

    Nice figure, like the wallpaper that you photoshoped

  7. super rats Avatar

    I think use manual focus for about 95% of the time for figure shoots. I only use the AF when I go hand-held for overhead shots and the really close ones where keeping the tripod keeps the camera too far away.

    Also, thank goodness the previous post wasn’t a mission statement for this figure shoot. ^.^

  8. Lss Avatar

    last pic reminds me of rasengen.

  9. MistaYoH Avatar


  10. Leefe Avatar

    Nice photoshoot… But I don’t think I’d believe Noumi wasn’t harmed in this photoshoot. XD

  11. D_Blade Avatar

    Char Arousing (You got the pun?)… Very good figure with lots of details and lots of charm.
    I like the ripped clothes version too. The underwear version looks too much like: “I’ll make you pay for stealing my clothes, you pervert!”

    What else to say. Ah yes, the picture with the little girl made me grin like crazy. Imagine:
    “…Who might you be! Show yourself!!”
    “Oh, no! I’m not an enemy! Please don’t point your rapier at me, it scares me~!”

  12. Hiji Avatar

    Very nice figure as with all of Shuraki’s line and personally I prefer them all in their unripped clothes. One thing that stands out is the awesome hair dynamics and how it curls and twists around.

  13. gordon Avatar

    can’t wait for the next one in the series, needa, to arrive. ^^,

  14. Choo Avatar

    omg. those are some freaking cool photos. Nice one and the figure looks damn sexy. XD

  15. dice Avatar

    I hope my comment doesn’t get eaten up by the spam monster again.LOL.
    Anyway, lovely figure indeed! Makes me wanna get her for myself too~! Your shots are improving! Keep it up!! :3

  16. samejima Avatar

    We got the same table setup… 2 units office tables = for monitor & System unit + photo booth… your room is neat, that’s the only diff.

  17. Mantoro Avatar

    Noticed her neck’s pretty long when the clothes are off. Other than that I like the pose and the clothes. Too bad not “Shunya” enough for mah taste, if not its in mah order list.

    Nice photography and the effects on the last one’s sweet man. Very good idea. Keep em rolling~!

  18. windbell Avatar

    @double: When I do get the time ^^;

    @valho: Do take pictures of her!

    @ron~: Will try that. I like her curves :p

    @Belela-san: LOL! I just realized how detailed the pantsu was. I guess it’s because it’s cast-offable and also the amount of hype given before the release of each girl.

    @Rokku: Thanks!

    @super rats: Am still learning how to use it well. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the lens is focusing on the right parts.
    I won’t want to squirt my soldiers on em’ figures ^^;

    @Leefe: Believe in the me who believes in the you!

    @D_Blade: LOL! She does make us guys aroused *ahem*

    @Hiji: The curls kinda reminds me of curly fires from A&W. Too bad the restuarant died out here :/

    @gordon: I can’t wait for the rest to arrive and do a castoff for all of them ^^;

    @dice: Thanks!

    @samejima: My room gets messy at times. Do you have pictures of your room?

    @Mantoro: I would love to get one of those figures by Shunya, but too bad a lot of them are bust-sized. Will continue to take more photos.

  19. Hiji Avatar

    You mean the onion fries?

  20. alafista Avatar

    very nice shots. I’m still busy that I can’t find time to shoot my rhouseman yet.

  21. D_Blade Avatar

    Hmm, A&W is a great fast-food place. We got that here. ^^

  22. Prim3 Avatar

    Char is really so sexy in full cast-off.. XD

    Still waiting for mine to arrive.. if she’s ever gonna arrive, that is.. sighzz..

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  24. […] prefer to pose her in battle clothes mode, as compared to Akatsuki Mishiro (Shuraki Box 01) or Char Rhousemann (Shuraki Box 03). Not real particular reason here, but probably because it is much more attractive and eye-catching […]

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    Boring! Try harder next time, bro.

  27. Masako Avatar

    “delicious loli body”??? WTF!?!

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