^ Hmm? You think you have matured?

Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days. I do humbly apologize as I’ve been busy with my internship (Today’s the last day!) and project presentation (final presentation).

Time really flew when I was on internship. Each day passed faster than one could fa- imagine it would. I would say it had been a very exciting period in my life during my whole course of internship.

But of course, this post isn’t about my internship, but about my recent graduation from school.

I (unofficially) graduated from school two days back, immediately after my project presentation. What does this mean then?

  • I’m now a free man (Till I enter and finish National Service and I’ll be one again)
  • I’ll be a Polytechnic Graduate with a Diploma in Information Technology (Damn that name is long)
  • Moar time to focus on Photography and my Piano exam
    (Grade 8  3rd Retake T A T)
  • Meet more people (Especially cutesy girls :o)
  • Able to post more otaku and Japan related stuff to you guys
  • Develop more functions (Just improved one before this post)
  • Moar time with Rin :)

Graduation didn’t really occur to me when I was back in Year 1 or 2. It was a “Hey, it’s still so far” kind of thing. Yet, even after giving my final presentation, I didn’t feel particulary happy or sad about it – Guess it just comes and goes. ^^;

Besides that, I have pretty much matured over the years. Not just the dolph- I mean mental side but also being able to better make critical decisions. Internship has also helped me to better understand the world and knocked some sense into me. ^^;

So what’s after graduation then? I have thought about it for quite some time and I would thing that Photography would be the route I would like to spearhead into (Meet great people like Leslie Kee etc and also the fashion models ^^), and using my IT skills as a backbone to support and illustration as a side-hobby.

Time to go make some awesome pictures!

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21 thoughts on “Graduation”

  1. Congrats! The internship is only a glimpse of what the real world is like. Soon you’ll be hitting the daily grind like the rest of us! So use your remaining spare time wisely.

  2. At least you don’t need to extend your internships. I had, and I hated my grades afterwards.

    And, yes, Welcome to The Expendable Time. Well, at least until NS beckons you. I tell you, please enjoy your “virgin time” because I speak from experience. (Am still waiting for 8 months till ORD! ORZ)

    Just asking, any new events to go to?

  3. Congrats on graduating!! I wish I could had enjoy my internship but it wasn’t the case, totally non-related to what I was studying.

    Enjoy the time from graduation till entering NS, cause NS is going to be one of the most boring, time-wasting event of your life (at least for me).

  4. Congrats on your graduation, unfortunately I’m still years away of my graduation, since it’s a 5 year course and one the hardest in my country I don’t know when I’m going to get out of there.

  5. My course has a longer name than yours. Diploma in Infocomm Security Management, hah beat that. It abbreviates to DISM, which apparently sounds like dimsum >_>

  6. I still have 2 1/2 more years to go before I “supposedly” graduate, then its off to the real world. Congrats for graduating.

  7. Congratulations on your graduation! Like AS, I’ve got a few years to go.
    I agree with the internship thing, though- it really rips time out of you, I’ve got one too.

    Good luck on your piano exam- just practice alot and you’ll do great! I remember being in the same boat :)

  8. Congratulations, times flies when you’re busy/occupied. Like the others say, use your time very wise (or waste it enjoying and taking it in).

    PS: my degree name is longer than all of yours, HA! =P

  9. After you graduate from Poly? You graduate again from Uni. (posibility of graduation continues)

    Otherwise, you’re married. . . to your desk at work.

    Then you’ll start planning for your real marraige and future kids but then you realise you already have 2 kids at home to take care of. One aged 60, the other Aged 55.

    Oh and did I mention then you’ll wish you never did graduate. LOL Ok that’s a bit scary & I better not frighten you.

    Photography sounds interesting! My advice – pursue your dreams and whatever you like to do. . . and stick to it! :3

  10. u think Diploma in Information Technology is long? wait till u hear mine, Diploma in Electrical, Electronic and Communication. beat that huh? (‘~’)

    anyway, enjoy your freedom while it last. conscription, er… i mean NS is a great time to meet new friends. i did. i kinda miss those days. ^^;

  11. Congratulations!, An extra long vacation is privilege of fresh graduates…
    In Japan, Many fresh univ graduates have an overseas trip (a.k.a. 卒業旅行).
    Will you go trip during this period ? or you will be absorbed in otaku hobbies ?.

    Tokyo disney land launched a special campaign for high school graduates.
    the following site has lots of cute school girls photos, Please check up!

  12. @Adun: Will do!

    @TP: LOL! As far as I know there are no new events at the moment

    @Hirito: What did you do during your internship?

    @Belela-san: What course are you taking at the moment? 5 years seems like a Masters program.

    @double: Fancy some dimsum?

    @IcyStorm: LOL! Thanks.

    @AS & Chilipop: Enjoy your school life!

    @Zerobalde: It’ll be over within a blink of an moe eye.

    @Deathy, Choo, Sylon Beta: Thanks!

    @Hiji: That’s because you’re in some specialized course >_>

    @ron~: I think that’s very true. But also depending on the job you have.

    @Tragic comedy: ORD loh!

    @dice: Thanks for the advice! Does it mean I’ll get 4 kids if i have 2 future kids?

    @Setsuna-san: That doesn’t sound too good lol!

    @gordon: Have heard many (good and bad) stories about NS. I think it’s all in the mind ^^;

    @don777: Arigatou! Have emailed you regarding it. Cute school girls in the site *鼻血*

  13. Congratulations on graduating! Enjoy your break while you can! :D This means more frequent updates!

    And I’m surprised no one asked about “Rin”. XD

    Woah!!! HaruKyan looks awesome (aside from the girls, of course)! There’s a campaign for university students too!!!! Damnit. Why do I have to have school when Japan’s having all these awesome things going on?

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