Moe Picture of the Day EX

^ Now with 4 times the moe dosage!

Actually, this is more of a re-launch of the feature – Moe Picture of the Day.

Why a re-launch? This is as I’ve upgraded the feature to be much more flexible now. I can now store it in a database! YAY! For those wondering, EX stands for Extended.

Besides retaining the basic functions of displaying the dimensions of the image, file size and download link, it can also display the circle name, artist name etc to you guys (if applicable).

The code for this feature has been improved and now I can store the images in a database, before calling it out and displaying it. Have also created a upload page so I can now upload images whenever I am (So long there’s internets and moe pictures available ^^;) and that means no more having to manually edit the script!

How does it work

  1. Download moe pictures from the internets (Optional)
  2. Upload moe picture using upload function
  3. Moe picture gets stored into database
  4. Moe picture gets displayed on sidebar (with any applicable additional information)
  5. Right-click and save as..
  6. Use as a dolphin care product

Will continue to improve this feature (Do know that you guys like the moe pictures ^^). Will be starting on the next feature as well! Yay!

If you have any comments or recommendations, feel free to do so!

(P.S If the moe picture hasn’t been changed for days, it probably means I lost too much blood from nose bleeding at the moe pictures ^^;)


9 thoughts on “Moe Picture of the Day EX”

  1. I’ve always wondered where you get them! They’re great and don’t worry I think you’re still alive and we’re all nose bleeding together with u! LOL strange for a girl to say that haha!!

    So anyway how come there’s no moe guy pix??? to feed my moe male fetish! LOL :3

  2. Death by Moe is the most GAR way to die. LOL
    seriously though malnutrition has been reported among moeside readers due to serious drainage of protein and blood.

  3. @dice: LOL! Hmm… moe guy pictures will be a little hard to find.. because they are all so GAR!

    @Sylon Beta: LOL! But エクスタシ- and dolphins don’t mix!

    @double: It’s a much nicer way to ‘die’. You die happy!

    @gordon: Eat more eggs and coconuts. They give you more protein.

    @Zeroblade: Haha. The eroge version?

    @Setsuna-san: I guess that’s why there are less commentors lately :/

    @Hemisphere: They have a very nice balance of moe and curves.

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