Asuka Langley Soryu, Biker Chick Ver.

^ Image enhancement by Tragic Comedy. Figure provided by gordon

While car babes and their cars look good, I have always preferred biker chicks. Just last friday, Asuka called me up after work, wanting me to do a photoshoot of her new ride. All I had in mind was just a simple shoot, but only till I arrived that I realized it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Besides getting a new ride, Asuka had also gotten a very fine looking race suit. She loosen the zip for her suit, revealing her curvy body in a bikini. I was stunned by this astonishing beauty.

“どこみっての・・・バカァ、エッチ!” (Where are you looking at… idiot. Ecchi!) she shouted and I quickly got back to my senses to prepare for the shoot.



Review of Asuka Langley Soryu Vispo (Racing Bike Version)

When I first chanced upon this very lovely 2 years ago on the internets, I had always been wanting to get one. However, due to the hefty price tag that comes along with Asuka, I’ve been put off to get one.

As far as the many Asuka figures there are out there, I do think that there are really only a few that would be really worth buying despite being a Asuka fan (Rin will be jealous ^^;).

This figure of Asuka is a little difficult to review due to its nature. It’s a cast of the Asuka Vispo, which got hand painted (Meaning it’s not mass-produced).



The details for this figure is really astonishing. The paint job has been rather well done, though there are a couple of places that could have been improved. One rather obvious example would be the sunglasses Asuka’s holding on her right hand. It was really a sub-par effort.

Another peeve would be the weight for the whole figure but it is probably due to the material used for her which makes her rather heavy. I remember having to use both hands to lift and change how Asuka’s positioned.











Product: Asuka Langley Soryu Vispo (Biker Chick Ver.)
Anime/Game: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Produced by:
Sculptor: Vispo (Link)
Scale: 1/6
Release Date:

Price: 300 USD +++
Available: E2046 (Sold Out)

Photography Notes

Borrowed from gordon when I met up with him this afternoon. Shots taken with an exposure range of -1 to +1 and F number varying from 8 onwards.

Used more manual focus for this shot as well.

Other Notes

Due to the lack of information available with regards to this figure, I’m unable to provide you guys with the exact product information which explains the blanks ^^;

Top image enchanted with the photoshop skills of Tragic comedy.

I want one of these as well!

12 thoughts on “Asuka Langley Soryu, Biker Chick Ver.”

  1. I saw that guys from e2046 are preparing a similair figure, but with Kan-u from IKKI TOUSEN. Motorbike + dragon spear + hot Kan-u in a biker-suit… yummy ^^
    This Asuka looks excellent. Awesome curves. Biker-suit easily rivalise with plugsuit hahaha ^^

  2. very nice figurine :D.. but this one cost a ton!

    I want to get several Asuka figurines from E2046, but the price always turned me off..

  3. @Deranged: Me wants one too!

    @icie: This isn’t the E2046 version actually. The figure was gotten via ebay. The sunglasses and the curved windscreen are of a different color and shape for E2046.

    @Icystorm: LOL.

    @lu-k: Yeah, The biker-suit easily rivalize with the plugsuit. I can’t decide which to choose ^^;

    @Deathy: I like the Nerv logo . Makes the whole bike a little more flashy.

    @ron~: This one’s really expensive, would rather save up to get a new lens ^^; Asuka figures are generally on the more expensive side. They like to milk the money of fanboys like me :(

  4. So this figure has been around for 2 years plus? So it’s not going to go out of stock anytime soon, right? Because I really cannot spare the money at the moment…

  5. Damn I saw this on hobby japan damn it’s looks awesome but, it’s so freakin expensive 300 bucks?? A big ouch. I like it though.

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