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While Danny has a post on Japanese Souvenirs that people get, this lead me to thinking what kind of souvenirs do you usually get for your friends/family?

I got a souvenir that left me a little surprised…

While I was in Japan, I would often visit the eroge stores in Akihabara or Lashinbang and grab a whole lot of dolphin care products (ero doujins) for the males as it makes both of us happy as it’s cheap (usually) and I don’t have to spend time worrying about what kind of souvenirs to get and instead get more time to ogle at the cute Japanese girl ^^;.

For the girls, it was a little harder as there are so many kawaii stuff to grab from. however, there were exceptions. I remember a female friend of mine asking me to help her grab a ‘dolphin care product’ (oyster care products for girls?) and I went “No way!”.

For my friends who have visited Japan, they often get me some nice doujins (ero or not) and during their last trip there, one of them got me a surprise ^^;

^ Yes, it’s a Tenga ^^;

So, for those who have visited Japan, what sort of souvenirs did you get for your friends/family? What about those who have yet to visit Japan. What will you get?

And what about for the folks you’re visiting in Japan? Do you get anything special for them? (I get food as it’s usually the easiest and most effective and also gives a little insight on the food that’s available back at home ^^:)


11 thoughts on “Surprise Japan Souvenirs”

  1. Well that would depend on the tastes of your friends and family members. For some of my friends I would most likely bring them some magazines or ero doujins and for others something that resembles Japan.

  2. I was planning to get tenga for souvenirs, but I bought normal items instead haha

    I think i’m going to get weird things as souvenir from this year travel :D

  3. OMGGGGG u’ve got a Tenga! I wanted to get one when I was in Japan last Sept!
    I want one!! (though i have zero use for it lol)

    And I lurve your Kimi Kiss Pure Rogue pix :P

  4. I get cute stuff for everyone, but end up hoarding it for myself. Hypocrisy at its best, indeed.

    Otherwise, I would skip the ero stuff and make a beeline for the artbooks or comedy manga.

  5. @Belela-san: Haha. Do try bringing them some cosplay uniforms in the future ^^;

    @ron~: Do keep a look out for weird Japanese souvenirs!

    @Setsuna-san: Me no understanding that postscript sir :p

    @dice: Thanks!

    @Danny Choo: Shhh…! ^^;

    @Choo: If you look old enough I don’t think they will ask for your ID

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