Happy Lunar New Year


How has everyone been? Am currently celebrating Chinese New Year over at where I am. Would first like to wish all of you guys a very prosperous Lunar New Year.

Just on Chinese New Year Eve, I met up with dice of nekoguchi over at Chinatown. Had wanted to take photos of the fireworks display that was to be set off around there at midnight.

Copy of IMG_4873

It was already packed when we met up. Luckily, dice knew of a good location to take the fireworks from.

Lots of people on the roads. Kinda feels like Akihabara on a sunday, just without moe billboards, kawaii cosplayers.. ORZ


We recced the area for a bit. Here’s a shot of the traffic junction from our location.


Was trying out some shots of unsuspecting people. I do think it’s interesting as it creates another perspective and new experience in photography.


There were a whole lot of lanterns being hung at the Chinese temple nearby. Real spectacular sight.

If it was a whole row of windbells or moe goods, people will probably start grabbing them. Would been better if they were red packets with money in it ^^;






We didn’t visit the exhibition that was held in the Temple as there was a huge queue and had to rush back to our recced location for the fireworks.



Camera blur from rushing back to the location ^^;


Minutes just before midnight. Feels abit like the crowd while queuing up for Tokyo Game Show ^^;


Go Blue Ranger!


Red Ranger comes to the rescue!


White ranger pwns all!

It’s my second time taking photos of fireworks. Used a f-stop of 8.0 with an exposure of 3.2 seconds for each photo. 3 decent photos this time :)


And ending this post with a photo of dice whose picture I took while she was staring at something. Would like to thank her again for bringing me around Chinatown and also helping me carry the tripod. Hope it isn’t too heavy ^^;

So, how was your Chinese New Year Celebrations like? Hope you get loads of red packets to spend on moe and otaku goods ^^


12 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year”

  1. OH boy~ The peektures are a beaut! And you’re ending the post with a picture you (stealthily) took of moi haha!. I was watching the stage show projected on the screen actually but I look like I’m watching some horror flick! And yes! Now I have more muscles on my arms! HOHOHO! :P LOL! Had a great time hope you had fun too! :3

  2. Ma favourite? S’gotta be the #7.
    I have a fetish for sharp angles and geometry.. how 80’s. :P
    And btw dice is really pretty!

  3. Happy CNY. I like #6-7 photo.

    In this week, Everything is as usual in Tokyo.
    However, It seems that there’re lots of mandarin speakers in Tokyo CBD area…

  4. @dice: If you need more muscles you can always carry the tripod ^^;

    @don777: Is there a Japanese New Year like Lunar New Year?

    @double: Isn’t it the de facto for every new year? I don’t know.

    @Choo: Now you know. Learn something new daily!

  5. @Hiji: Happy Lunar New Year Hiji.

    @don777: Do they drink lots of sake during Japanese New Year? Or is that only applicable during the Cherry Blossom Watching Season?

    @ron~: Happy Belated Chinese New Year ron!

    @AS: Thanks!

    @blauereiter: Your pictures are better ^^;

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