Happy Valentine’s Day!


Would like to first wish all readers a "Happy Valentine’s Day!" for those who celebrate it.

For those who don’t, well "Happy Friendship Day" then, but I think most of you guys have dates with your cutesy 2D/3D girls ^^;

It’s probably the first time moeside is celebrating Valentine’s day. What will you be doing on that day then?

For me, it’s will be a usual day in the office, but instead of going home after work, there’s a little twist. This year, I managed to get a date for Valentine’s :) Instead of the usual IRC hangouts, I have decided that I should change for the better this year. Will let you guys know how the date went (hopefully) ^^;

For those who were wondering why the lack of posts the past few days, have to first say that I was experiencing the worst time of my life as I was feeling very depressed then. Would like to talk about it but it’s a different story – don’t want to spoil the mood for valentine’s ^^;

And again, Happy Valentine’s Day/Friendship Day to all! Hope you enjoy your date/tengafap!

16 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. @rain: Happy Valentines!

    @IcyStorm: Haha. Remember to get her a nice melon pan!

    @RmX: Happy Single’s Awareness Day to you!

    @Crisu: No Giri Choco from colleagues :/

    @Choo & Zeroblade: Ganbarre!

    @ron~: Happy Moe valentine to you!

    @double: Thanks!

    @usagijen: LOL

    @Tragic comedy: It’s teh awesome

    @Chraen: Enjoy your night!

    @Setsuna-san: Happy Valentines!

    @dice: Lol. Hmmm… the queue number system’s kinda screwed up atm. ^^;

    @Mantoro: Thanks!

    P.S. to all: Just got back from my date. It’s the legendary! Will get today’s post up tomorrow. Am too tired now ^^;

  2. Worst time of your life???

    My shot at a lousy guess: The army sent you a letter asking you to report on ??/??/08….


    Good luck with you date… (although at the time of this post it’s like long over)

    Tell me about it next time we meet somewhere online… (idk when that will be)

    And… how are your university plans… should be about time u start applying for university… (tell me about that when i meet u online too…)

    Been really long since i last said something to ya… But good luck at whatever u’re doing now…

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