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Continuing from the C73 loot teaser, here’s the review.

My friends who were in Japan for Comiket 73 grabbed these for me. Not as extensive as what I had gotten during my last trip there but I’d really appreciated what they gave (Not including the tenga of course ^^;)

Taking a look at the VOCALOID unofficial illustration, it mainly consists of illustrations done by KEI, who is the original character designer for both Hatsune Miku and also Kagamine Rin/Len.

  ^ Lovely Miku

^ Do want the wallpaper version of this!

^ The (in)famous Miku pose

The book also consists of sketches and illustrations and wallpapers by various artists, many concentrating on Hatsume Miku herself. I won’t mind waking up to a cutesy Miku like the one in the picture below ^^;

^ Kawaii zou! (Guest art by Cradle)


Following that is an light novel of sorts by illustrator POP. Don’t know much about POP but I love his illustrations. The lolis drawn by him are awesome!

Continuing, is an artbook by Chronolog.



Not too much a fan of Chronolog but have seen her art on the internets since late 2004. Hmm.. Cutesy girls above. Would you choose the 2 piece swimsuit or one piece (school swimsuit)? 2 piece for me ^^;


The same pink haired girl as the one above. Why are 2D girls so cute… ORZ


The book also contains a couple of rough sketches (but you already know as it says so). I love the details on in each illustration.


Moar pink hair and yuri goodness. Had my hand on something else which explains the bad shot ^^;

And ending this post with the Little Busters! 2008 Calendar.



The calendar contains 4 illustrations that covers each quarter of the year. I realized that they seem to start the year only after march – meaning april.

Could it be because Spring is considered the new year where all the bad things disappear like how Cherry Blossoms (Sakuras) only bloom during that time and their petals fall off… my own interpretation anyway ^^;


Lovely figure… if only it happens in RL ^^;


A: "Sir! Would like to report an image consisting of bunny girls!"
B: "Go ahead!"
A: "Found this image on the hard drive of a certain recruit!"
B: "What?! Seize his hard drive now! Immediately!"
A: "Understood Sir!"
B: "Now excuse me while I will be resting in my room to practice my missile firing techniques."
A: "Yes Sir!"


Just a question – Have any of you guys/girls been fed by someone of the opposite gender (food)? And I’m not talking about the soldiers of a man…

^ Miko or Kimono? Which do you prefer?

The 「摩訶不思議」 book  is also by Chronolog which has simple sketches so I didn’t cover it. The CD contains hi-res wallpapers and images that can be found in the Chronological book that’s covered above.


A little peek of the CD. Won’t be uploading this one ^^;

14 thoughts on “C73 Loot”

  1. Ah the VOCALOID unofficial illustration by KEI, my friend was so sad that when he reached the booth it was already sold out. He blames me for having to many other circles on my “To-Buy” priority list. I blame him for not wanting to split up (I wanted one for myself too).

    I got the Little Busters! calender too, though I queued for 2hrs for it. Alot of Japanese calenders start from April, since its also the start of Spring in Japan.It’s like a “Fresh/New” beginning of seasons, thus the reasoning behind it, at least from my point of view. Though of the 7 calenders I managed to get, 4 of them still starts from Jan.

  2. Japanese calendars aren’t practical in SG(^^;.
    BTW, Most of all Japanese calendars start from Jan, and end up in Dec.
    This is very common format.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of loot!!! Man, wish I can go to Comiket. I have to wait for 6 months till I get to go to Japan for Comiket. Love the doujinshi though… Your a lucky person!!!

  4. @Sylon Beta: MustbuymorestuffwheninJapan!

    @Chraen: The Moe girls will warm your hearts up ^^;

    @Hirito: I had a Love Hina calander that started from January. Didn’t managed to use that one though.

    @don777: ORZ

    @Setsuna-san: I still can’t decide between the two…

    @Rin: 6 months won’t be a long wait. I assume you’re going for Summer Comiket?

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