On Haitus – Tioman


On haitus on a few days as I’m going to Tioman Island for a school trip over the next 4 days. I just hope something will happen like in the eroges lol.

See you guys in a few days! Normal posts to resume.

May the moe be with you. Cutesy Carnelian Pic!

7 thoughts on “On Haitus – Tioman”

  1. I’ve ever been to many Malaysian islands. However, I’ve never been to Tioman/Aur area.

    I hope to see your photo rich trip report(^^).
    Have a nice holiday!

    A harem story like “Nagasarete Airantou” will never happen in real world!

  2. Wah I also want to go Tioman… Hope you have fun there, and that the monsoon ends early this year (usually this time end-feb the monsoon is still on, thus choppy waters). GLHF ^^.

  3. Well, may you have fun!
    This picture reminds me of Suzuna from Moonlight Lady for some reason. Love Carnelian’s artwork!

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