4 Days in Tioman


I was over in Tioman for the past 4 days and one thing I must say, I do wish to visit it again! It’s a totally awesome place if you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Took many a photos which can be found after the jump.


The first picture I took upon reaching Tioman. A real beautiful sight. Exhilarating I would say. The clear blue waters was certainly welcoming.


The boat in the background was the only means of transportation from Mersing, Malaysia to our resort in Tioman. An 1hr 30mins – 2 hours boat journey. I’m glad I survived the whole boat journey.. do get a little seasickness from time to time ^^;



Monitor Lizard spotted!


Tioman’s about 32 miles away from Mersing, Malaysia. There’s an airport in Tioman but I guess it would be expensive to take a flight there. Take a closer look and you can spot the words ‘Nipah‘ (Higurashi Reference?!)



A trek into the mountains behind us. Got bitten by lots of mosquitos ORZ


Some scribbling in Malay me guess.  I was hoping to find some "I love You" or "XXX person was here" notes.



I got reminded of a scene from Makoto Shinkai’s films. Can’t remember where though.






Trying to take photos of these little ant buggers are really tough. They move about too quickly!



Dinner which consisted of curry chicken, prawns, vegetables etc. Guess which plate belongs to me ^^;


Ramly Burger! I have to admit that it’s my first time trying it out. Absolutely lovely stuff. Had about 5 Ramly Burgers during my stay in Tioman. Works as a great snack whenever I got hungry.

Ramly Burger typically consists of a beef or chicken patty, margarine, onions, an egg, mayonnaise and ketchup (Tomato Sauce). They have a certain flavour to it, which is different from regular burgers. I think it’s the way it’s cooked. The patty is wrapped in a thin layer of egg before adding in the rest of the ingredients.


Picture of my first Ramly Burger. Itadakimasu! 


A bit of soccer when we’re bored. Been a long time since I last played it so I got easily tired ^^; Blame the anime, manga and otaku goods!


Group photo before heading off to another island to visit the waterfall. Check out that mist that’s covering the mountain! I’m not the picture though :/





Have no idea what this is for. perhaps for storing water?




Ending this post with a picture of a cat. Didn’t know where to stick this to decided to throw it at the end.

There are actually still some more pictures which I missed out as I didn’t bring my camera along with me on the second day of the trip. Will let you guys know when I get the pictures.


I did feel that it was a nice trip to Tioman as I really needed to get away from the city area for a few days to clear my head a little and enjoy time from civilization. Was really struck by how life is different in Tioman compared to the fast paced Singapore.

Taking photos also posed a new challenge to me as I have to say, it was tough trying to capture the beauty of Tioman. The photos here are probably a mixture of bad and good photos, which I’m somewhat pleased and yet disappointed with ^^;







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  1. Runningkid Avatar

    Looks like fun. I wish I could take a break from where I am right now, but i guess its not possible at this moment xD. These photos kinda reminds me of Lost In blue (DS game). Nice Cat.

  2. Belela-san Avatar

    A really nice place. It’s always good to get away from city life and enjoy a little time on a tropical island, never been in a tropical island before, the closest place I’ve been was in Orlando Florida and was hot and humid as well which I don’t like so much since I’m from a hot a dry place, humid areas of the globe are not my favorite places but would like to visit a tropical place once in my life time.

  3. Kaori Avatar

    nice pictures..! the main ingredient for ramly burger is worchestershire sauce though ^^;

  4. gordon Avatar

    to overcome sea sickness, one can take a nap listening to music or sit in the centre of the boat where turbulence is not that high.

    btw, do u manage to see any cutesy jungle girls during the trip? ^^;

  5. Rakugakid Avatar

    I have never tried a ramly burger before though I heard many good comments about it. Is it really that nice?

  6. Hiji Avatar

    To be honest, that island is the present day Higurashi… =P

    Good to see you enjoyed yourself and took the time to enjoy the scenery.

  7. alafista Avatar

    Brings back good memories of my trip to tioman. I remember the long trek uphill just to see the waterfall.

  8. double Avatar

    It’s really awesome when you get a sudden change in the pace of your life. That is, when you have such beauty of nature surrounding you. Somehow, I felt that the pictures you took were something Makoto Shinkai would have done for a tropical setting.

  9. Hirito Avatar

    Actually Nipah is rarely visited, but for divers it’s a good place to stay to access 2 dive sites which is on the southwestern/south of Tioman which I would say has the best dives in Tioman. Did you stay at Paya Beach Resort? Stayed there twice before. Fast access to the snorkeling sites and reasonable accommodations.

    Ramly burgers are the great snacks to munch on. The reason behind the difference in taste is not the way they cook, but the type of patty they are using, which is of the “Ramly” brand, thus the name (It’s like the cheapest kind of patty you can find in Malaysia). Used to buy back a whole bundle of the patties to make my own burgers at home and it still taste the same (with different toppings though).

    Want to go back Tioman to relax and dive!! >

  10. windbell Avatar

    @Runningkid: Busy with school/work? Try taking an afternoon of and walk around your neighborhood. Helps me at times 🙂

    @Belela-san: I don’t like humid and hot areas as well. Always preferred that there were seasons in Singapore.

    @Kaori: Oh! Yes, that worchestershire (I can’t pronounce it properly sauce name) sauce. Thanks!

    @gordon: I didn’t bring my mp3 player along with me (ORZ) and had taken too many naps. Didn’t see any cutesy jungle girls, only cutesy city girls from my camp :/

    @Rakugakid: I heard the Ramly Burgers in Singapore are different from the ones in Malaysia. Have not tried the ones in Singapore though but from the ones I tried in Tioman, it has a really special taste to it.

    @Hiji: !!! I didn’t realize it was the present day Higurashi! But there weren’t any cutesy girls…

    @alafista: We did trek uphill just to see the waterfall. Not as magnificent as the ones I saw in Europe but it was nice ^^;

    @double: I think it makes you think about alot of things in life and also see life from a different prespective. Just remembered where the scene was from! It was probably Cosmonaut from Byousoku 5cm.

    @Hirito: We stayed at Paya Resort-somthing, which was the inside of the island where you have to walk across a wooden bridge and also pass by a Ramly Burger store.
    Didn’t know they used a different patty. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Kinoshita Avatar

    If you’re going to TAF by any chance, do take plenty of photos there. Your photos look great. Cheers. =)

  12. don777 Avatar

    Good Photos, Thanks.
    As long as I see these photos, It’s still nature rich island.

    Do you enjoyed underwater scene in Tioman?? If yes, Please tell me your impression.


  13. Chraen Avatar

    I’ve been to Tioman a few times before, lovely place ^^
    I was still a kid then (about 11-13?) so I basically spent all the time on the beach and in the sea. Snorkeling was really fun, the marine life there is really a great sight.

    Am not a very physically-inclined person, so walking around the island doesn’t appeal to me very much XD

  14. bangin Avatar

    Hi Windbell,
    May I ask you who the guy named Lelouch is in the 22nd photo?^^

  15. Setsuna-san Avatar

    i live in Malaysia yet i have never been to tioman.*shame*
    must go there sometime soon.

  16. windbell Avatar

    @kinoshita: Thanks! I might not be heading to TAF though…

    @don777: Ah yes! I enjoyed the underwater scene in Tioman very much. Too but I have shortsightedness so I wasn’t able to see the corals as clearly ^^; I did wish to be able to invest in some underwater photography equipment to take the fabulous photos of the underwater world/

    @Chraen: I spent more time on the boat to travel to other places ^^;

    @bangin: Ah! Konnichiwa. Lelouch-san is the guy in black shirt and red pants. 黒シャツと紅いパンツの人

    @Setsuna-san: I do think it’s a nice getaway from the city.

  17. Lelouch Avatar

    Nice photos. I really like the picture of the ant and the cat.

    And last but not least, Ramly burgers for the win.

  18. rokku Avatar

    The water there is blue.
    there`s hardly any clear oceans in this planet anymore

  19. D_Blade Avatar

    This is a nice opportunity to get away from routine. However, I would if I were in your place back then be thinking of wanting to go on the Internet from time to time.
    In fact, the only real trouble with that kind of trip are mosquitoes… I almost like all animals, except them. Stupid, wily bloodsuckers!
    And… I guess this tank is for showers, super old-school style.

  20. windbell Avatar

    @rokku: There are still clear waters in Australia if you do visit ^^;

    @D_Blade: I had that idea of getting onto the internet as well ^^; Ah yes! Those bloodsuckers! Got bitten a few times ORZ

  21. Leefe Avatar

    Real nice… I’d like to do these kinda trips once in a while, but my money’s getting sucked dry by anime stuff ^^;
    The NS-issue insect repellents work damn good for me; everytime I visit Pulau Ubin I’d use that and come out clean. =D

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