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While surfing the internets (as one does) the other day, I came across Japanese Otaku Calendars with cutesy illustrations including some very suggestive poses.

My first memories of owning an Otaku calendar was during my first few purchases in my early wandering into anime – An Love Hina 2003 (?) Calendar.

<Contains an big cutesy image that might be a little NSFW>

Can’t remember if it’s still around the house but I do remember not using it and taking it out occasionally to look at the cutesy Love Hina girls (Favourite Characters being Mokoto and Kanako ^^;).

Which leads me to this question – How many of you guys actually do purchase Otaku Calendars and such besides the normal otaku goods?

^ Yummy!

I don’t really purchase calendars as I don’t really use them and also some of the illustrations aren’t really that great ^^; Another reason being the calendars start the year only in April and ending next March. My most  recent calendar purchase is the Little Busters! Calendar which I might hang on the wall.

Speaking of which, included in April’s issue of Dengeki Moeoh 2008 is the Otano Calendar 「おとなのカレンダー」 (Otaku’s Calendar). It’s a calendar containing illustrations by various artists, each illustration per month over the span of a year. Illustrators for April 2008 – March 2009 calendar include Kantoku, Tomose Shunsaku, Fumio, Kimizukia Aoi etc.

The kind people over at Moe imouto has Hi-Res scans for April 2008 – March 2009’s Otano Calendar. I’ve kindly arranged them in order of artist names and uploaded them here. Am missing the scans of November and December as it’s not on moe imouto yet.




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14 responses to “Otaku Calendars”

  1. lu-k Avatar

    Yummy~ :3 indeed! Thanks for sharing!
    The only calendar I bought was the ARIA one. Last year I got dozens of anime calendar as freeby from magasines. But I don’t really use them. It’s just for illustration, so most of the time, I wait for scans (moe imouto as primary source) ^^

  2. Choo Avatar

    omg that is some interesting calendar to be hanging in the room. Well i have one hanging in my room though. Its ouran high school host club. XD

  3. ron~ Avatar

    I think I know which magazine I need to buy for this month, Dengeki Moeoh!

    and thanks for the scans 😀

  4. Tragic comedy Avatar

    no! not the eyes!

  5. suneo Avatar

    I didn’t have calendars, but I did have a lot of otaku posters that I used to hang around the college dorm room. To be honest it was quite embarassing lol. When I lived on my own when everybody else went home for summer, I hung up a few posters freely though. I did have one calendar, not otaku-related, but a japanese women calendar that I can’t remember where I got. Those were some good times 😛

    I’ve since not hung anything on my walls, but instead have just recently gotten into figures lol. I keep all my images on the pc now ;P Now if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got to go find out where you got those pictures above haha

  6. Hirito Avatar

    Never did used calenders before, but after having 7 calenders (4 Wall, 3 Desk) on hand due to comiket purchases, 6 of them are scattered around my room. I love the one from AMR especially. Love the artwork ^^.

  7. IcyStorm Avatar

    Never had otaku calendars… I don’t really use physical calendars, so I don’t see any point (I’d be too lazy to turn the page every month XD).

    A cute girl like that should not have big breasts. DFC FTW.

  8. Mantoro Avatar

    I only like the September babe. Cos she’s a bunny girl and looks the most matured lass of em all. Nice post~!

  9. pp Avatar

    i print my own calenders that i’ve gotten off the web =x , so ya hooray to scans.

  10. Chraen Avatar

    I currently have 3 =P

    One CLANNAD and one Bleach which I bought, the other is the free one that was in January Newtype. I just have them for the sake of having them, since anime calendars have like no space to write on them at all and all the holidays and stuff are only in Japan.

  11. windbell Avatar

    @lu-K: I stopped buying most anime magazines as I don’t really read them and only flipped thru them for illustrations. Waiting for scans now.

    @Choo: LOL! Did they draw Haruhi in a cute uniform?

    @ron~: Thank Moe Imouto!

    @Tragic comedy: LOL!

    @suneo: I used to hang otaku posters in my room, about 6 – 7 on the wall until I got kind of sick of the clutter and took them down. Currently have a Little Busters! poster and a Evangelion movie poster.

    @Hirito: I think I do have a AMR calender that I got from C71.

    @IcyStorm: Will try to search for a DFC illustration next time ^^;

    @Mantoro: LOL!

    @pp: What’s the size of your calenders?

    @Chraen: That’s true.

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  13. Ha! Avatar

    Fuck Otaku!

  14. Triyanachitry Avatar

    and I printed out cneladar sheets for the rest of the year. I used a0a 2012 cneladar freebie from Tom Kat Studios. I only touch my cneladar with a pencil, beacuse things change all. the. time. And that’s

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