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Looking through one of the imageboards, I found images that have been tagged under an interesting category – “error“. It contains what one would call illustrations bloopers made by various artists and also some from animes.

How often do you notice such bloopers? I only notice them while in the movies but often not in anime ^^;

^ Honmono no Junk da! (I’m the real Junk!)

The first one’s from Rozen Maiden. Just take a look at Suigintou’s fingers! No wonder they label her as junk! ^^;


Following that is from the eroge Kana Little Sister. I remember playing it as it’s storyline is really great (Full of tragic events and emotionally moving). Back to the main point, Taka’s fingers look horrendously wrong!


Third from To Heart 2. This isn’t really an illustration error by the artist but more of a perspection error. The diagram below the CG pretty much explains it, but I’ll explain anyway. The perspection is all wrong as Manaka has to either be floating in midair in order to be at the height of what we see her to be or is actually a giant (2.3 metres tall!) if we assume that the lady in the background is of a height of 1.6m!


And finally the last illustration error for this post, a recent C72 T2 (Tony Taka) release – Nekomimi Batoraa, Hayate no Gotoku. Hinagiku seems to have two left feet! I don’t think Polydactyly is the right word for this.

Anyway, this post is not meant to insult the illustrators in any way but instead more of an ‘informative’ post on such bloopers made. It was an interesting find realizing that these bloopers are made and often passed on without noticing it and only having taken a second look only to realize these mistakes.

Update: I’d almost forgot about this one! This one’s from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Just take note of Haruhi’s legs ^^;Picture Information (Top)

Artist: Kantoku
Doujin: Kantoku’s C73 Illustration Doujin “KAGE”







16 responses to “Illustration Bloopers”

  1. Hinano Avatar

    LOL you wanna see bloopers you should see the Naruto fillers and Naruto’s weird eyes XD;

  2. Zyg` Avatar

    roflmao nice find! I don’t usually notice these bloopers lol those fingers are creepy! xD

  3. Deranged Avatar

    I remember spotting the Taka one. There is something wrong when you notice something like that more than the rest happening. I think I am just getting desensitized and am way too used to it.

  4. Setsuna-san Avatar

    ROFL. they should make a video collection of all the bloopers.

  5. Areiamus Avatar

    Interestingly, that Haruhi goof was fixed for the DVD release. I watched the scene a dozen times trying to pick it out and it wasn’t until I played both the DVD and the broadcast versions simultaneously did I realise my mistake.

    Her legs are redrawn in the DVD version and overlap correctly.

  6. lu-k Avatar

    I dont think their is a perspective error with the ToHeart picture, so as in any visual game like this. Because, it is just a background, and the character you are speaking with is just displayed in front of the screen, with absolutely no anchor with the background. The bg is just here to decorate and create a mood. It is not like the character in front was actually at this exact place.

    Anyway, Suigintous six finger are really funny ^^ so does Haruhi leg O_o

  7. rieuzedx Avatar

    Very interesting post.

    Lol @ Haruhi’s leg going from right leg to left leg. And all those fingers = creepy. I’m ok with giant women.

  8. D_Blade Avatar

    Very nice article!
    Reminds me of a very ero pic of Belldandy and a perverted nine(!)-tentacle Octopus.
    I don’t have a tentacle fetish normally, and deleted that picture (it was too nosebleed-giving)… But I could send it to you or give you the original link. ^^;

    *Promptly runs away*

  9. gordon Avatar

    interesting find. i enjoyed it. but the first picture of the girl in bath tub doesn’t, what blooper is it? ^^;

  10. Zeroblade Avatar

    “I remember spotting the Taka one. There is something wrong when you notice something like that more than the rest happening. I think I am just getting desensitized and am way too used to it.”

    It’s because humans have the tendency to get distracted and end up not focusing on the main point. lol

  11. Deathy Avatar

    Nice nice, I was laughing hard imagining Manaka as a giant!

  12. Flame_Haze Avatar

    Its very interesting learning about these bloopers and it gives me another reason to be happy owning the Haruhi dvds with the corrections.^^

  13. ron~ Avatar

    haha interesting

    and also Tony Taka often makes mistakes ^^

  14. windbell Avatar

    @Deranged: LOL. Makes people kind of turned off while fapping to it!

    @Areiamus: I’m glad the animators noticed it and fixed that mistake.

    @D_Blade: Hm… Belldandy and a perverted nine tentacle octopus. Link me if you still have it!

    @gordon: The blooper is that she’s not showing her eyes ^^;

    @Zeroblade: That’s so true. One thing you’re talking about the finer points of globalization, the other you’re talking about reproduction.

    @ron~: I better check my Tony Taka books ^^;

  15. Hangmen Avatar

    Had spotted the error in that HnG doujin months earlier, but I was too busy fapping I forgot about making a blog entry of it.

    Hinano: It ain’t bloopers in Nartuo. It’s called QUALITY. See Musashi Gundoh for more examples.

  16. Chet Bairos Avatar

    Anyone watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?I decided to read the book again before going to this movie as well as I have to point out, that they stayed really near to the story-line of the book, even so, I feel like they edited out some major factors or elements and some details had been altered for cinema settings which I would like they would not have. Mostly foolish details, however ones which were really appropriate and made things fall together a little better.

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