The Switch – iPod Touch


I have finally done it – I have made the switch and bought my first Apple Product, the iPod Touch 8GB Version.

It is indeed a very awesome piece of technology, though I would say there are indeed some flaws. But first, the big why.

The Big Why

Why the iPod Touch? Why not Microsoft Zune, iRiver, Sony PSP, <insert portable media players here> ? The main reason being, the iPhone SDK was released just recently which means the ability to develop applications for the iPhone and also the iPod Touch which I am really interested in trying out (which fortunately/unfortunately requires a Mac ^^; Time to get that Macbook Pro!). And also, I need a media player as my Sony PSP feels more like a brick in my pocket.

Click the images to get a larger view.. or have you guys been doing that already?


The iPod touch has a very nice packaging which makes me wonder how much money actually goes into the packaging itself. It doesn’t feel like cheap cardboard that most electronics come in, which are usually easily bendable. The wires, manuals and what-nots have been placed in the box like a nicely packed sandwich.


I was pretty surprised with the simplicity of it’s user guide. Nothing too technical, just two pages of illustrations and words. Was pretty puzzled with the white plastic thingy which I then found out that it was actually a dock adapter to be used with the existing iPod docks.

There was a little piece of transparent plastic which comes in really handy as it stands my iPod up at a incline.

^ Hello World!

I was a little skeptical and almost wanted to purchase a screen protector for the screen in fear of it getting scratched but after watching several ‘Stress test’ videos on Youtube, seems like the glass is pretty much unscratchable under normal circumstances.


However, I am a bit peeved about the smooth and shiny finish on the back of the iPod touch. It looks incredibly sexy when new but ugly once full of fingerprints. Might want to purchase a silicon cover for it


The back makes a good mirror as well, which makes it easy to peek up Sana’s skirt ^^;

Safari Browser


The first thing I did after entering the Wi-Fi settings was to access my homepage, like what all bloggers do when you receive an internet-enabled gadget (Don’t ask me why ^^;)

The keypad is rather small, which which was a pain in the bottom as I had to retype the security key for my Wi-Fi several times before getting it right, often hitting the wrong key. Would have to type slowly if I was using my thumb.


I really like how it is possible to do landscape viewing with the iPod Touch. The multi-touch interface of the iTouch (pun lol) really compliments the Safari browser that comes with it. Surfing websites on it is extremely easy as well.


But am disappointed with the inability to save images onto the iPod Touch while surfing. My moe pictures!


Carrying on, is the Calendar function which I find really useful. As I don’t have an organiser to keep track of events and stuff, I usually have to resort to using my cellphone which is rather limited in terms of functionalities.


Really like the overview of the events of each day. Niffy.



Another cool function is the built-in Youtube support. The h264 video quality is significally higher compared to the FLV version (Much sharper and clearer) on the main Youtube site, which is great IMO but takes a slightly longer time to stream.



Streaming Caramell Trooper via the iTouch. However, am still waiting for flash player support for the Safari browser as it gets irritating while surfing a site with embedded Youtube videos and not being able to view it. In order to view the video, I have to search it on the built-in Youtube player, which in turn, wastes precious time.



The Photo app is really cool, which is really useful as I’m able to store photos in the iPod Touch and use it as a portable portfolio for photography. Also, the screen in the iPod Touch looks alot better compared to the Sony PSP (Both at the highest brightness settings).


^ Just look at the colors!



Video support is pretty useful as well. Great for viewing Keynotes and also the recent iPhone Software Roadmap podcast but I dislike having to convert my videos into MPEG-4 format just to view it on the iPod Touch.


I’ll leave out the part on music playback as I have yet to fully understand how it works. It is also the weakness of the iPod Touch as in order to transfer songs, I have to convert my FLAC files (which I have a lot) into MP3, load it into iTunes Library before syncing with the iPod Touch.

The whole load of trouble could have been avoided if Apple would open up iTunes to third-party plugins or at the very least, FLAC format or even USB disk mode for the iPod Touch, allowing users to use their preferred media management software but oh well.


I really like the iPod Touch despite the shortbacks. It is indeed a very nice media player and really slim as well. I also like the clear screen which is huge and really bright, together with the nice Internet support and also applications for it. However, I would preferred if it had the USB disk mode support and the also a wider range of format support.

That aside, I have jailbroke my iPod Touch so lots of third-party apps to add in . Yay!

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  1. I regret my iPod touch purchase, mainly because it’s a daily reminder of how I should’ve bought the iPhone.

    The iPod touch is a wonderful device (as long as you Jailbreak it, and you have), and its little drawbacks you’ll forget about.

    You’ll want a case or some kind of cover for the steel backside; it gathers scratches extremely easily; it even is scratched IN my case. Don’t worry too much about the front side; just be wary of dust entering under the glass-like front (the iPod touch’s screen is not made of glass).

    You’ll get used to the on-screen keyboard. As for downloading things, there is a Safari plug-in that allows you to download files. For pictures that are already displayed on the page, there may be a Bookmarklet or something that accomplishes the task.

    I wish the could sync with something other than Outlook =/ The is somewhat disappointing, because newly uploaded videos are not always converted to H.264 immediately.

    Flash is still unlikely. Read here for a better explanation why. However, Sun did announce an iPhone version of Java a couple of days ago…

    The bad thing about the iPod touch and photos is that iTunes automatically resizes your photos, making some of the higher-resolution pictures on your iPod actually low-resolution.

    I don’t think ANY hardware vendor supports FLAC on their products, so that’s a bit much to ask. Perhaps other formats such as .ogg should have been supported, but Apple’s never been one to make their products compatible with everything.

    A long comment, heh. Hope you enjoy your touch.

  2. enjoy your ipod touch. i just received my 32gb a week or 2 ago. do u know they can be “jailbroken” and can b used to make free phonecalls via voip?

  3. Again…


    Nice purchased, nifty little gadget to play with, but when it comes down to audio playback…

    *pests his cowon d2*

    All I need now is a pair of nice headphones =).

  4. I had my 16GB touch since launch (in fact, I ordered it right after your Steveness announced it ;) and I love it. Yeah sure, it’s waaaay too expensive but equally cool. One of the coolest gadget in my possesion.

    As for the embedded Youtube thingie, you might try iTransmogrify . It’s a bookmarklet that converts embedded Youtube videos to links to the player, with a nice preview picture.

  5. Probably one of the reasons why I never got an ipod was its price, always very expensive, sure it has loads of functions but it still is a piece of hardware a bit expensive for me.

  6. @IcyStorm: Lol! You should have gave me your iPod Touch and gotten a iPhone! I have jail-broke it and got a pouch to keep it in. The silicon covers are just way too expensive (them being silicon cover ^^;).

    Do you have a link to the Safari plugin? Been looking around for it.
    And yes, I’m enjoying my touch.

    @jonhohx: I have mine jailbroken. how do I even make phonecalls via VoIP? Is there a microphone on the iPod Touch?

    @Adun: Lol. Things happens ^^;

    @double: I got it from DM.

    @Coco the Bean: Love that avatar!

    @Hiji: I has bought a iPod Touch and has been seduced to the other side. The cowon D2 looks a little big ^^;

    @tiMothy: I used a Canon EOS 400D (DSLR) and a 18-55mm (Kit lens)

    @soonkiong: I was blown back when I first saw it on the Touch.

    @Rokku: Dolphin waxing means masturbating.

    @Jia-Yong Ou: Will try out iTransmogrify. Thanks for the heads up!

    @Belela-san: I got it at a slighty cheaper price ^^;

  7. I’ve been unable to find the Safari plugin… and even if I do, I have no clue about what firmware it works on (and which one you have).

    As for VoIP, audio line-in was figured out and it works with certain headsets/headphones. Head here and the forums for more info.

  8. Which version is your touch? under 1.1.3 with jailbroken firmware? The update for 1.1.4 is out already, never heard the news whether if you can jailbreak it though. Ah ic u have the old portable brick, comparing to the new slim & lite PSP its wayyyy heavier (fatter), slim also use less battery and run faster with custome firwmare / homebrews, i used old psp battery in the slim which can last for around 8 hours.. Anyways enjoy your new ipod^^

  9. @IcyStorm: Cool stuff. Will check that out. Thanks!

    @Natsu: I’m using 1.1.3 with the jailbroken firmware. I heard you can try using ZiPhone to jailbreak 1.1.4, but I have yet to try it.

    Yes, the old portable brick is definitely a pain. Now, I just use it for gaming only ^^;

  10. Not as big as you may think, it’s about 2/3 (if not less) the size of the touch but slightly thicker. My hand can easily wrap around it and my hands are relatively small =|.

  11. Dude heard of Palm i have one 300,000 apps plays video and music and pic. mine even has a camera. with patches posibleity of 32GB!!!!!!!W007 go palm!!!!!! try life drive!!wooooooooooo777777

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