The Switch 2 – OS X


And I have did it again, I have made the switch from Windows to OS X.

Just yesterday, I got absolutely fed up with my main machine which runs on Windows Vista – Constant BSODs (0X0000000f, 0x00000124, 0X0000000e, Boot/BCD, winload.exe etc), slow downs and non-stop activity on the HDD which just slows down the machine.

After just another BSOD, my computer monitor displayed ‘winload.exe is either corrupt or missing’, I had experienced that problem a couple of times I have always managed to solved it but this time, it just refuses to repair. I had it with that shit load of steaming cack Windows and took a gamble to install OS X.

It was a good/bad(?) timing as I had always wanted to install OS X on my main machine ever since I got it to run on my laptop just a year earlier due to x86 architecture support (OSx86) and recently grabbed a ‘open sourced’ copy of OS X Leopard.


After looking around the internets for some guides, I formatted a 200GB SATA II drive containing random stuff from the internet, dolphin waxing materials, and installed OS X onto it (Netizens call installing OS X on a non-Apple PC as a Hackintosh).

The result? It works like a charm. Installed the display drivers that were included and I can get my monitor displaying at 1680 x 1050 resolution. Got my network interface card working as well so I can connect to the internets. Don’t have audio support yet and will be looking for a USB soundstick as I heard those work well with it.

This is also a temporary solution till I saved up enough to actually purchase a Macbook Pro. Will try out the iPhone SDK on my Hackintosh for now ^^;

Don’t ask me where to get the software. Google is your friend..

Update: Bought a USB soundstick and I have audio support now! Now to find a way to get my onboard Creative Live! 24-bit to work with OS X ^^;


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  1. Welcome to the Mac world. Pretty soon, you won’t miss Windows at all.

    If you’re planning to get the MBP and if you can wait, then I suggest you wait 6 months or so for the newly re-designed MBP. I’m not speaking this with any authority at all, but a lot of people are expecting a long-overdue major design change for the MBP, which has been of the same design for years now.

  2. bakaneko: We just got a MBP update; I doubt we’ll get new hardware for another 9 months at the earliest.

    LOL “open-sourced” copy of OS X? Wrong use of the word, might wanna try something else… like… “liberated” or something =P

  3. I’m also thinking of making the jump from Windows to OS X in the near future, but I’m not totally sure of the “perks” in doing so. But still have time to make the decision, and do more research on program compatibility since I would only get my new laptop in about 4 months time.

  4. LOL hurrah for macheads! I’m going to make use of my brother’s poly deals when he enrolls later next month! >D Otherwise, I’ll just get a loan from my university.

    Yup, the MBP just got an update a few weeks ago so it’d be a safe time to buy now. There’s no point in “waiting” for a new release because then, you’d be waiting forever =A=;;/

  5. I’ve tried Tiger. Totally meh.
    I’m probably too used to Windows though, but the platform itself is much more accepting with games and software than Mac is.

  6. There are certainly pros and cons to using OS X vs Windows. There is generally a ton more software available for windows. But I find the UI and general user experience on OS X much better. Windows crashes all the time and is a bloated OS – OS X is a lovely unix based system that a extremely stable and streamlined.

    Interesting that you are running OS X on a PC machine. Very cool!

  7. Despite having a Macbook since last year, I barely use the thing since I have no use for a laptop in my line of work. Though I should get around to using it more to get a better understanding of the OSX.

  8. I recently just switched to OSX, and am loving it ^^
    It doesn’t bother me that I can’t really play games, since I don’t play any anyways. Or if I suddenly had the urge to play a game I guess I’d go install Windows with either Boot Camp or get Parallels.

    I don’t ever want to go back to a Windows PC again XD

  9. @bakaneko: The macbook pro just got an update recently and a price drop (as far as Singapore’s concerned ^^;) It has the multi-touch capabilities and slightly better hardware now.

    @IcyStorm: LOL. I should use liberated then.

    @soshi: Darn. You got your brother’s poly deals to get it cheaper ORZ

    @Zeroblade: That’s true. A lot more games for windows compared to os x.

    @jay: Hai 2 u jay!

    @Spyhunter: Actually, my OS X system crashed a couple of times after the install – but it was due to a driver conflict. Should be all solved now. I’m still getting the hang of OS X.

    @Alan: Leopard 10.5.2. Can’t remember if it’s iAtoks or Kalyway.

    @Adun: You could always ship it to me ^^;

    @alafista: You could always try win or parallels or even dual booting XP or vista (as mentioned by IcyStorm). I have not tried wine or parallels yet though.

    @squee; ORZ

  10. I has a desktop WinXP and an ibook MacOSX.

    This is why, even though I LOVE Mac stability and user-friendliness, I stick to WinXP as my main
    Desktop WinXP:
    foobar custom music library/playback software
    can customize just about anything in the GUI of most programmes
    MSN runs fine
    -is running on old DDR RAM, expensive
    -has faulty DVD writer, need replacement

    ibook G4 MacOSX
    verrrrryyy stable
    cool interface
    light! portable! much more than windows laptops!
    connecting to wireless networks ALOT easier
    has garageband, the must for a poor recording musician
    -GUI hard to customize
    -limited to iTunes (it’s not bad, it’s just not that perfect either)
    for example: Gapless playback is AUTOMATIC and cannot be stopped. I like my tags and files the way they are, apple doesn’t.
    —–my mom dropped something on top of it and the screen cracked.


  11. O BTW

    if u wanna get a macbook, NOW is an “ok” time (not the best cuz i think there’s gonna be another upgrade end of the year) and u can get student discount frm the webstore since u’re still a student :D

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