A week in Singapore 4


The (hugely overdue) lastest installment of A week in Singapore.


Starting off with food. This is Fuyong Egg which contains prawns, mushrooms, corn and some crunchy bits topped with spring onions. Totally delicious stuff. Taken while having dinner with parents and relatives.


Some Tofu dish with sliced fish. Makes me hungry ^^;


This one’s a little special. It’s Glutinous Rice Balls, which is better known as Tang yuan in Chinese. These are similar to mochi (in a sense) as it contains either black sesame, red bean or  peanut paste on the inside. They are usually boiled and served with rock sugar soup, with grated peanuts served separately in another boil as a topping. Readily available in supermarkets.

The ones I had were served without the soup, and had already been coated with grated peanuts.


Me baking some muffins. Can you is bake too? After they get baked I store them in the fridge. Works great as a snack whenever I get hungry ^^;


Some Ebi Tempura for dinner. This is what I usually order. Do you add the white radish (white color stuff in the foil) to the soy sauce that comes with the dish? I only started doing it recently. Tastes a little better.


Agedashi Tofu. One of my favourites. Always order it whenever I have Japanese food.


Remote controlled kites. Dice of nekoguchi introduced me to this place where there’ll be people piloting these kites. They look totally awesome at night. Great place to sit, relax and look at the kites. It’s just over at Clark Quay, Singapore.


Another shot of the kites. Didn’t had a tripod handy so I had to place my camera on a flat surface to achieve a clear photo with long shutter speed.


Some MacDonalds Hotcakes for breakfast. It’s the only decent breakfast meal in MacDonalds which I enjoy ^^;


Shot of my Japanese class in progress. We were learning “なければ” for that lesson.


Some self cooked pasta for lunch. Slices of ham together with parsley flakes and cheese as toppings.


And Salmon with Teriyaki sauce for dinner. These are the only two things I know how to cook ^^;


A water droplet hanging off the window grill.


Dice at the controls. Using my DSLR to take some shots.


Experiencing the problems every computer user will face – The Blue Screen of Death. Read how it made me switch from Windows to OS X here.


On the way to the city. Click on the image and take a closer look at the number plates of the vehicles in front. 3387 and 3386!


Taken just before heading into the cinema to catch Evangelion 1.0 – You are (not) alone with a bunch of friends.


Photo session after the movie. Total of 25 people!


Me practicing for my piano exam that will take place this Wednesday (Tomorrow) ^^; Short video clip of me playing one of the pieces below. Taking the grade 8 examinations. Please ignore the mistakes in the video as it was really frustrating trying to play the piece perfectly ^^;

Do you is play an music instrument too?

IMG_6219 _ed

Taken just a few hours back. Wonder if it’s superstitious to take photos of the moon. Do you believe in superstitions?


Mom asked me to take a snap of this. This flower’s blooming well!


And ending this post with a shot from my balcony. 

Photography Notes

Photos mostly taken with the EOS 400D. Lenses used include the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 (Kit lens) and EF-S 60mm f/2.8 (Marco Lens). Also used the Olympus IR-300 for the video recording.

16 thoughts on “A week in Singapore 4”

  1. I love the muffins! They’re yummilicious! When will the next batch done? HEH! :D

    Sniff really miss the remote kites.. If I’m not saving up for Japan and that DSLR I’d have spent that $665 on da kites (erm ages ago)!

    Yikes!!! I got caught on camera! *blush*

    and ALL DA BEST for tomorrow’s exam!

  2. Nice photos, as usual.

    And what the hell, you’re eating food that I’ve never seen before in Singapore. Maybe your weeks in Singapore might be insightful not just for foreigners but for me too.. Haha.

    By the way, I think you play the piano well, but I remember you saying before that you get nervous when the camera/sound recorder is rolling XD Man, I do have a desire to learn piano/keyboard too. But such an expensive hobby… I can never afford. orz

  3. I admit: I drooled X)

    Your random photography (maybe not random, but they don’t look like you were planning a set location/time to take the photos) is getting better and better, and this post has lots of nice pictures!

    Ahh, multi-talented otaku, all the best for your grade 8s!

  4. @Lenners: Will try too!

    @Paul Wong: Not too sure if it’s a Singapore-only thing but that’s what we do – use peanuts as toppings.

    @Chraen: Take your time ^^;

    @blauereiter: Thanks!

    @Inforonography: LOL!

    @gordon: Yes. I is the photography. I is enjoy the movie. I is like Rei’s smile but I is can’t wait for Asuka!

    @Hiyuu: Thanks! I’ll try to take more photos!

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