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Okay, this question has been in my mind for quite sometime now, and I think it would be nice to get feedback on this subject. Comparing Anime and Eroge girls, what is your pick?

Having watched anime or read manga and played eroge in the past, I would very much say I prefer anime girls.

Anime girls well, have personalities and the watcher a particular anime (being us) will often be subjected to watching how a particular character, in this case, a female character develop and grow. This creates a chemistry between you and the character.

Not just both physically  (who doesn’t ^^;) and mentally, but also get attracted by certain characteristics and personalities emitted by that character. Eroge girls, in the other case, despite having nice eyes, curvaceous body to boot and kawaii face, don’t really have much of a development time in the games itself and are mostly always subjected to being screwed.

Mock-up Eroge Example:

Protagonist being P

P : I think you’re pretty cute!

Girl A: Really?

P: Yeah! Okay, let’s skip the development part and engage in some adult activity.

If I would interpret this using real life examples, I would think that Anime girls are like females who could be your classmates, friends etc while eroge girls are more of like IMHO , one-night standers where you experience the bees and honey with them, before ‘dumping’ them and going for another girl.

^ I am going to wank your happy wang

Similar to an eroge, where the protagonist just magically gets the girl, does his thing and proceeds with the next. I have not played alot of eroges but some of the titles just give me the “no-storyline-sexual-activity-only” feeling after playing thru them. Anime girls in the other hand, often leaves us in mystery as we would not do who she’ll end up with. Very dramatic.

Of course, I would say my theory itself is flawed but it would be nice pondering about it. So, which do you prefer then?

What I do like about eroge girls then? They always seem to be in very interesting poses and positions ^^;

(A not so related but still related to topic point: Notice how most ero doujinshis are based off anime characters?)

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  1. Holy crap, is it normal that I recognize the character from the second picture!? 9_9

    Hmmm, I personally think that your theory is rather accurate – after all, anime girls and ero-girls fundamentally serve different purposes hence the different sorts of satisfaction you get from them right?

    If I were a guy I’d probably say anime girls. You get a two-in-one package: personality (well, most of them have a personality :D()) and er… traits about her that might get you waxing your dolphin.

    VS ero-girls who are generally just eye-candy and like you said, seem to just be there for tissue-use only. Though, do guys think there’s any difference between ero-games which have you going after girls for sex only and ren’ai games like… hmm, Tokimeki Memorial and Girlfriend of Steel where you sort of want to win the girl over (with sex as an added plus)?

  2. I think you’re totally right, but I still like eroge girls better, maybe I’m just a perv… XD

    BTW, Who’s the girl on the second picture? Or even better, which games/anime is she from?

  3. I would have to say eroge girls, mainly for that in most cases eroge, or Visual novels, however you want to put it, has stronger character development than say its anime counterpart. and like Soshi said, you have your ren’ai games, which focus mainly on the romantic side than the ero-side. like Keys popular Visual Novel Clannad, that was entirely non ero, and in the original release of ToHeart 2 it was completely non-ero (until they released the X-rated version)

    Also what about anime adapted from eroge? like Kanon, Air, Clannad, Toheart (1&2), Shuffle, Happiness, Nanatsuiro Drops, Wind, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, H20, School days, Da Capo I&II, Myself; Yourself, Fate/Stay night…haha the list goes on and on, some of these are heart wrenching romance stories, all which are based of eroge.

    Though I will say there are plenty of eroge out there that totally puts romance in the back seat, and focuses just on the ero-content, but I really dont like those games.

  4. I’m with Marshall in this one. :)

    If you compare anime_girls with eroge_girls from YARUGEE (mindless sex) games, it’s obvious the anime_girls will win by a mile, because even if the E.G.s have better visual, they’re still hollow and “mindless” compared to the A.G.s.

    But if you compare A.G.s with E.G.s from any story-focused erogame, the formers will lose to the laters, not just in visual apresentation but in character development too.

    In a 24-episodes TV series, you have 24×24 minutes (with “filler” openings, endings and scenes of the next episode included) to develop the story to ALL the characters, meaning less than 10 hours of development. In a normal story-focused erogame, you have 20 hours or more of story development… without “filler” openings, endings and scenes for the next episode.

    Anyone who played any story-focused eroge and saw the TV series based in it know pretty well the TV series cut off many momments of character development… sometimes turning a brilliant story into a plain harem series.

  5. I prefer eroge girls because I like the art better xD. I don’t really think about their personalities much as I’m female and thus not attracted to them myself. I tend to gravitate towards goofy male characters.

  6. Artwork, I like CG girls more because of the coloring (they spend more time on coloring eroge, since they don’t need to animate them :D)

    but for the characters, I like anime girl more, what I like the most is anime girls with CG art :D

  7. Ah, this reminds me of episode 6 of Genshiken II where all the guys was talking about what kind of eroge girl Ogiue-chan would be. But yea, I say it all depends on one’s taste on girls. I been preferring Anime girls lately, but sometimes would wonder how they would be like in an Eroge too.

  8. Anime girls for sure, because they have a much better personality, or at least they get a much better story development to understand them. Unlike eroge where getting the girl = bedded, seems to make them lack a sense of self. But Key games are an exception to me though ^^.

  9. i prefer anime girls hands down. CLANNAD girls are the prefect reason why anime girls are the best. one actually care and worry for them. like how how i was moved to tears with the fuko and kotomi’s arc. very touching character development.

    conclusion; anime girls for the win. ^^;

  10. Story-grounded eroge girls > Non-ero anime girls > Sex-based eroge girls > Ero anime girls.

    Basic diagram for me lol

  11. Under normal circumstance character must server the purpose of the story.So erogame or anime doesn’t matter anymore(erogame like air,kanon,to heart 2 characters could be more naive and innocent than certain fan serivces intensive anime).IMHO this theory/subect is a flaw

  12. -.-! neither! It’s da anime GUYS attract yours truly. Because truth be told, reality sucks! LOL <-thats dice living in her own world. But truth be told, we'd all much prefer the real twang rite! LOL :3

  13. @Soshi: INteresting point. I think for Ren’ai games, it’s different as you have to win the girl using various methods and ‘schemes’ and also develop a relationship with her, which takes time.

    @Fye_DX: That’s from BOIN if i recall.

    @Marshall: For Anime adatped from eroge, it’s a little different with them as they have a storyline at the very least (Take the Key games). Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien has a pretty good storyline.

    Can’t really say about School Days as I remember playing it and the only thing I remember was how Makoto was trying to spread his seed into every girl in the game.. which seems very much the way males are meant to be – spread their own seeds to develop the future generation.

    @Pure Trance (Figured): LOL! What about males like thos ein Code Geass? Tall and Lean. Very much CLAMP’s style.

    @Hirito: If we compare ero visual-novels (is there such a term?!) like Fate/Stay Night, Key games etc, I think they have much better as the main point is story development compared to just the mindless girl-bedding in the usual eroges.

    @Zeroblade: LOL

    @Tiny Red Man: LOL X2

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