Shuraki 01 – Akatsuki Mishiro, Blood Frenzy


While Kanon has Mai as their sword-wielding girl, Shuraki has Akatsuki to do their demon-killing. Schools these days seem to have one or two of these sword-wielding girls. And my, they are hot indeed.

Review of Akatsuki Mishiro (Shuraki Box 01) from Good Smile Company

I had actually received Akatsuki a month prior to this shoot but hadn’t had time to do so. Heavily reviewed by other bloggers, I agree that Akatsuki is a good figure, despite the fact that I didn’t really like her at first.

I also pretty much enjoy being able to switch Akatsuki with various school uniforms, especially her torn clothes which I think is the best.



Her base is splattered with blood from previous battles and the torn clothes really suit her well. I didn’t really like how she wields the the sword with the red blade (Are there names for them?) as it looks more like she’s going to stab instead of slash.

Another dislike would be how her detachable arms seemed to detach way too easily with a simple knock. However, detail-wise, like the other characters from the Shuraki series have been very well taken care of.




Akatsuki also fights while in her lingerie, which seems to be a very effective weapon against horny demons and males.



And we decided to be a little playful, and got Akatsuki to ride a rod, which many males would prefer if it was their own dolphin she’s riding.

Figurine Info

Product: Shuraki Trinity Box 01 Akatsuki Mishiro
Produced By: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Price: ¥4,343
Available: (In stock)

Photography Notes

Inspired by valho’s background he used for his photoshoot, I grabbed cotton wool from the local pharmacy which was used for the background and also a bottle of Konnyaku “Cherry Colour” dye as the ‘fake’ blood that was splattered and smeared on Akatsuki. Didn’t had corn syrup to make the blood look thick ^^;


Following with a little something special – Char Rhousemann in se-ra-fuku. :O




Mishiro Akatsuki ~ Battle on snowy ground at Toys Workz by valho
Shuraki: Akatsuki Mishiro at I’ve Anime! by rain
Shuraki Trinity: Akatsuki Mishiro at Gundamaniac by marvin
~Akatsuki Mishiro 「Shuraki」 美城暁~ at lololol by shino
Pretty Slayer Akatsuki Mishiro at HappySoda by super rats

8 thoughts on “Shuraki 01 – Akatsuki Mishiro, Blood Frenzy”

  1. Whoa!
    Did you splatter that blood all over her? @_@
    lol, that picture of the rod riding is quite…alluring.
    I also had a bit of fun switching heads~ XD

    Nice photos you got there as well :3

  2. the splattered blood looks good. how do u do it? did u use a brush and brush it against a comb to archive the effect?

    the figure looks great but the single string of hair on her head looks kinda weird don’t u all think?

  3. @Aya Kyunik: Yup, I used food dye and that’s no photoshop ^^; I found the rod picture quite alluring as well haha. Thanks!

    @dice: That is food dye and not my blood ORZ

    @gordon: I dipped a wooden skewer into the bottle of food dye before splattering it over her like how one does with a paintbrush. Didn’t use a comb but did touch up a little by using the pointed tip of the skewer.

    The single string of hair is ahoge isn’t it? I think it’s pretty cute ^^;

  4. Hoo nice gore effect~ should use your blood to make it more perfect hehe :D

    Char rhousemann looks abit strange tho, her neck is way too long :p

    I’m still contemplating to get this figurine or not since HLJ still has it in stock, hmm ~_~

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