Pretty Assassin Kotona Elegance


Kotona was sit by the bar when I got there to get a drink. It had been a tough day working with nasty clients. I gazed over to look at Kotona when she looked back and returned with a smile.

“Tough day?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I replied while trying not to fall off the chair from her immense beauty.

Review of Kotona Elegance by Max Factory

Kotona certainly lives up to her name of being both charming and an elegant lady when she arrived a few days ago. I was very much attracted to her looks when I took her out of the box. Despite being a skilled assassin, she doesn’t look like one on the outside.

If one didn’t know she was a assassin, she would have been easily mistaken for a model or even a pretty cosplayer.



Kotona sits on a translucent green chair, which fits her pose very well. She wears a dress similar to the Chinese Cheong Sam (Traditional dress), pink long gloves and kinky boots, together with her looks, allows Kotona to easily capture the limelight.

Her green mint hair is distinctive as well, and she’s the first figure in my collection to have that hair color.



One thing I didn’t like about this figure was how Kotona has a plug hole in her left hand in order for her to support herself. But I like the fact that you can pretty much sit her on anything.




^ Low angel shot for the guys


Figurine Info

Product: Kotona Elegance Costume Ver.
Produced by: Max Factory
Sculptor: Chieri
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Release Date: Mid March 2008
Price: ¥6,153
Available: (Available)

Photography Notes

Used three lights this time, two as frontal lights while the third as a hair light. Decided to try using the cardboard backdrop that came with the box for the background in some of the shots.

Post Processing

I had to do quite a bit of post processing as I had somewhat screwed up my white-balance settings, resulting in a slightly warmer overlay of colors for the photos. There was also a speck of nasty dust on my camera CMOS sensor (the black blob) which you could see in some photos which I didn’t managed to remove ORZ

Apologies for the inconsistent color tone!


And the Tony Taka illustration she based off. Yummy!


(P.S Anyone who read through the Tony Taka C69 Barbecue book realized that Kotona wears black pantsu in one of the pages? ^^;)

11 thoughts on “Pretty Assassin Kotona Elegance”

  1. The moment I gazed on her for the first time some months ago I knew I had to get her no matter the price. She’s so damn cute ^^, currently still waiting for her to be shipped :(. When she arrives I’ll try to use the gundams for so nice pics but she probably works best with a PG.

    “Read” the Tony Taka Barbecue but don’t remember the black pantsu though XD

  2. @Danny Choo: A small paint chip.

    @gordon: It contains money of different currencies – Singapore, Malaysia, Japan etc

    @Chraen: I was easily charmed ^^;

    @Belela-san: You got to look closely at the pantsu!

    @super rats: Yay! You got her too!

    @rain: Try sitting her by a pool of water.

    @ron~: LOL!

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