Hi from Japan!

"HAI 2 U FROM JAPAN!!!!111oneoneone"

Okay, I know this is rather very very sudden and out of the blue but I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan on a short 10 days vacation, together with double. Kept this a secret from you guys as I wanted it to be a surprise, and here we have it ^^;

I haven’t got any of my photos downloaded on my laptop yet so this will be a ‘picture-less’ post. Will add photos to the following posts.

Arrived at around 7ish in the morning. The weather this time is totally different from back in September as it’s currently Spring in Japan at the moment which means there are lots of sakura trees blooming and the temperature’s around 15 degrees celsius which is really comfortable compared to the hot and humid weather back in Singapore.

Headed to K’s House in Asakusa where we dropped our luggage before heading towards Akihabara (de facto place for us ^^;) to meet up with 0ne who’s in Tokyo for a short vacation as well.

We then visited two maid cafes (Cafe with Cat & another cafe which name I have forgotten…) where I got a photo of a meido-chan (!!!) and double popped his first maid cafe cherry in Japan. There was also this video that was being screened in the maid cafe where this maid as in it as well. She probably works there or so.

Also visited Otome Road in Ikebokuro, which I have visited a lot of times while shopping at lashinbang but did not realize it was Otome Road until 0ne brought us there. Visited Lashinbang as well and tried very hard not to get any doujinshis but ended up getting a doujin anyway ^^;

Ended the day with visiting Egg Farm together with 0ne where we had a sort of gathering with the other regulars of Egg Farm. It was a great experience – will blog about it soon. Am too tired at the moment (1am at the time of typing).

Well then, watch this space as I continue to update on my trip in Tokyo. There will be pictures too! Now, let me get back to looking at kawaii Japanese girls drinking sake under the Sakura tree ^^;







10 responses to “Hi from Japan!”

  1. Soshi Avatar


    I’m envious that you guys can just up and go to Japan so suddenly! Ahhh!

    Good to hear that you’re having fun there! How’s K’s House like? I’m thinking of trying it out the next time I head to Tokyo.

  2. Sylon Beta Avatar

    Mm… I’m envious too. I never did get a chance to go to Tokyo before. Have a good time there.

    (Had to rewrite my comment four times because I forgot to fill in the spam protection… Every time. The lack of sleep is getting to me)

  3. Hirito Avatar

    Awww you just left with no warning! I expect lots of good pictures, especially with your sweet new lens. Same with Soshi I’m wondering how’s the accommodation like at K’s House? Is it easy to get around the Tokyo area from that location? Or requires a daily trip using the subway to reach the Yamanote Line? Hope you enjoy the trip, but I’m sure you’re already are. ^^

  4. Caitlin Avatar

    Hope you have a fun time in Tokyo! Looking forward to pictures. ^^

  5. Setsuna-san Avatar

    i’m turning green with envy now. have fun and bring back lots of photos!!

  6. double Avatar

    Here’s ‘Hi’ from the guy sleeping underneath your bed.

    Ok that sounded wrong, LOL!

  7. ron~ Avatar

    have fun in tokyo! are you going back to tokyo this august? I’m going there in August for wonfesu and comiket 😀

  8. alafista Avatar

    So you and double finally decided to elope to Japan together?

  9. 0ne Avatar

    Don’t be fooled. Windbell = Uke. Double = Seme.

  10. mervyn Avatar

    when did you arrive? did you visit TAF2008?

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