Tokyo Trip 2008 – Day 3: Ueno Park


Continuing from Part 1, we then visited Ueno Park to enjoy the Hanami that was blooming comfortably in the season of spring.

I was pretty much excited  as it is actually my first visiting Ueno Park and also viewing Hanami in real life. The prologue of Byousoku 5cm started to rewind endlessly in my head.


The Sakura trees were spread out in an orderly manner. A real beautiful sight to behold. If only I had visited the park with a date or a group of close friends, the experience would have been even better.


I spotted a lady who was painting the scenery that was laid in front of her. I really envy people who get to experience the changing of seasons.




Just along the park was also several food stores. It felt like natsu matsuri (Summer Festival / 夏祭り) where there will be stores selling foods, drinks and such. Just above is a temple as well.


Some Yakitori. Didn’t try it out though.


This food store had an interesting item on sale – Tornado Potato. It is actually a whole potato being twisted, skewered and then deep fried, making it appear to be several layers of potato chips.

Topping flavors include cheese, barbeque etc. I had cheese for the topping. Tastes nice.

^ 俺のドリルは天国突くのドリルだ!




Hamani also means that almost everyone will be carrying a camera, busy capturing this fragment of time in photos, creating memories from there.





^ The girl has a beautiful smile





^ Really cool oji-san



I would say it had been an eye-opener for me. The feeling you get while viewing such beautiful cherry trees. I think that Sakuras illustrates the transitory of life, which reminds me that we should always do our best, for our lifes are short, just like a sakura with it’s short blooming times.

And I hope you do know that the sakura petals don’t fall at 5 centimeters per second :p

5 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip 2008 – Day 3: Ueno Park”

  1. I was told that there’s only like 7 days that you will see ONLY FLOWERS on the trees, fully bloomed. That’s the most beautiful sight. Henceforth the leaves will start to bud and the flowers will start to wilt. 7 DAYS! :(

  2. Kinda miss now our flowered almond trees now, everything is green already cause the flower season is over :( oh well can’t have everything though

  3. I had Aria the ORIGINATION op while reading this post and seeing all the pictures… very fitting for some odd reason.

    Anyways, seems like you’re enjoying your stay, keep the pictures coming.

  4. @dice: It depends! On average it’s about a week depending on weather and wind conditions! But it’s brevity makes it all the more beautiful, ne?

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