Cosplay Shoot Teaser | コスプレ写真のプレビュー


もう一つ東京へ行くの理由は私の最初の写真撮影を行う ^^; これは本当に私の最初プライベートと海外のコスプレ写真撮影です。今写真でまだ選ぶから、このスペースを少し長く待つしてください! ありがとうごさいます!

Another reason why I am in Tokyo is also to conduct out my first private photoshoot ^^; It’s actually my first private and overseas shoot. Am currently doing some post-processing to the photos at the moment so it would take some time.

Would also like to apologize for not replying to all you guys’ comments. I have read through all of them but have been really busy during my trip. Am heading back to Singapore tomorrow although the truth is I don’t wish to go back ^^;

Watch this space for more of this exciting cosplay photoshoot!

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