Back in Singapore | シンガポールに帰りました




Just got back home from my Tokyo trip. Am very tried now.

Will do up the rest of the posts over the next few days.

For now, try to guess what are the stuff I have brought back ^^;

6 thoughts on “Back in Singapore | シンガポールに帰りました”

  1. I see your tsundere twin tails Rin and my tenga! LOL yes I have super sonic eyes! and let me guess. . . you brought back a cute japanese babe too. Where are you hiding her?
    The plastic bags behind your backpack must be something from the airport. no?

  2. @samejima: Nope. Only till the 7th. But I don’t really mind staying as long as possible ^^;

    @gordon: No problems.

    @dice: The cute japanese babe is back in Japan :( Yes, the plastic bags behind my backpack are souvenirs from the airport.

    @0ne: 2年あとで日本に住みます!絶対日本に住みます!

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