Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay Shoot Part 1


Here’s the pictures of the cosplay shoot I promised you guys. Will be dividing them into parts as there is just too many photos to post-process and upload.

This is actually my first private and overseas photoshoot. I really have to thank bangin-san and miho-san for being such wonderful cosplayers and also giving me the opportunity to be the main photographer (the other being double who was with us).

The shoot took place in a indoor location in Tokyo which can’t be disclosed for several reasons. We met up at mid-day and started from there. From there, we started with the Suzumiya Haruhi shoot.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi | 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱


Haruhi: I’ve got Mikuru’s pictures in there!


Haruhi: Hehe! The secret folder containing Mikuru’s erotic pictures
Kyon: OMG! What’s that?!


Kyon: Hey! Try some of the snack. It’s tasty!
Haruhi: Hmmph… (Tsun tsun mode)


Kyon: Ahh! This tastes really good!
Haruhi: (Hmm… I want to try some of that!)


Haruhi: Orders of the brigade leader! All your snacks are belongs to me!
Kyon: Give it back!


Haruhi: Ohh! Full of tasty goodness..Yummy!


Haruhi: Come on! We’ve got work to do! *pulls Kyon along
Kyon: Noo! Not again!


Haruhi: Hey! Are you alright? Don’t die on me… (Dere Dere mode)


Haruhi and Kyon in closed space


Haruhi: What’s that? (Pointing to the giants that appear in the last ep)



Post Thoughts

It was actually quite an experience for me, as I gave comments and advice on how the cosplayers should pose, their facial expression etc and also exploring different creative angles.

And oh! Miho-san kinda looks a bit like YUI ^^;

13 thoughts on “Suzumiya Haruhi Cosplay Shoot Part 1”

  1. Nice pictures Windbell. Really liked the cosplayers and the angles, my favorite picture is the one with Haruhi taking the snacks, her expression is great.

  2. Hmmm.. the first picture is the guy right? DEL PLEASE.

    Anyway, the girl is quite cute AND you get to see her bra in one of the pics. I bet you had a nice downblouse!!

  3. haha bangin as kyon. ^^;

    anyway windbell, miss miho should be wearing the dancho armband on the left arm, not right. (‘~’)

  4. Tj -> O_O;;

    Windbell -> Good attempt!!! Some of the shots are pretty cool :D

    However, do take note that flash indoor, unless well-controlled, will result in harsh shadows which can be distracting. Suffice to say, the non-flashed shots are better.

    For the “Kyon pointing at the computer” shot, if you are doing something similar the next time… try a smaller aperture to keep the photo sharp overall. :)

  5. @Deathy: Her expression is pretty awesome! I really love her smile.

    @tj_han: It’s the same girl without the wig ORZ

    @icie: Picture swapped with the last picture.

    @gordon: We weren’t too sure of where the dancho armband was supposed to go ^^;

    @0ne: Lol?

    @Hexlord: Thanks! Actually, a big number of the shots are shot with a flash. I didn’t have a reflector board or much less something to diffuse the sunlight coming from the windows. I’ll try to keep a smaller aperture of that shot the next time.

  6. @Tragic comedy: Yes it does. Need a reflector board as well :/

    @Stifler: Thanks! I don’t know if I still have more pictures. Have to check ^^;

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