Japan Spring 2008 Loot


A quick look at the loot from Japan. Anime Bloggers seem to do all these loot posts ^^;

I spent less for this Spring trip to Japan, probably because I have already spent a lot during my Summer trip last year. Was resisting grabbing any doujinshis or artbooks of the shelves whenever we visited an anime store; Double was there as witness. I think the otaku in me is growing up…


Instead of doujinshis/artbooks etc, I spent more money on CDs and souvenirs. Remembered heading to several CD stores (With the biggest purchase from HMV). Importing them would be a little on the expensive side.


Puchi Moe, which actually makes a great voice addition for candy girls me thinks one of the things on my intended items to get while in Japan. The tsundere version was out of stock in most stores due to massive grab attempts by Kugimiya Rie’s fans (Seiyuu for Louise (!!!)  from Zero no Tsukaima and Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku) and the most interesting out of the 4.

I managed to grab two tsundere versions from Gamers, after asking the guy at the counter for one and then asking if I could grab another copy with my terrible Japanese (He gave me a ‘dude i know your japanese is teh suck’ look) ^^;


Soundrops (Sound drops) which contain the famous tunes that can be found in animation series and games. I grabbed both the ones from Evangelion and Mario. Asuka’s soundrop 「あんたバカァ?」 is highly addictive. ^^


I am a YUI fan. Period

 IMG_8575 _ed

Some health materials. I bought the manga to support the mangaka (I no lie!). Pink Chu Chu and some other artist whose name I forgot but remember using his/her image in one of my post.

Grabbed April’s Issue of Dengeki Moeoh 2008 as I wanted the Otano Calendar as I mentioned in this post. I wonder where I can hang it without having massive nosebleeds.


Kuro and Toro. The Revoltech toys. Those are really really cute! I prefer them to the Figma Haruhi/Nagato. I think I’ll go do a special photoshoot for them.


Byousoku 5cm Novel. Double spotted this at Yurindo (A bookstore, similar to Kinokuniya) while we were walking around. Have been looking around in Kinokuniya back at home for it.


A loot at one cannot buy. A drawing by bangin, whom we met up with during our trip. It’s a illustration of (apparently) me and Asuka lol. I wonder when I’ll get my real life Asuka/Rin/YUI ^^; One of the best presents I have ever received! Thanks bangin!


Taking a look back, this is indeed a plain comparison (or not) to my previous loot. Mainly because I didn’t feel the urge to grab doujinshis like drinking water and also my funds were smaller this time and would rather spend it on getting camera equipment (That lovely EOS 5D or 1Ds Mark III. Main objective of the trip was to look at girls create memories of Tokyo and documenting them in photos before I get enlisted into National Service ORZ

16 thoughts on “Japan Spring 2008 Loot”

  1. nice loot ^^
    I am waiting for my puchi moe to arrive.

    Lovely health materials too. I see you chose the great Love Selection and Giri Giri Sisters from Kisaragi Gunma. Good, very good ^^

  2. @otaku dan: They are my precious!!!

    @gordon: I agree too.

    @lu-k: Hehe. Great minds think alike ^^;

    @double: If you mean the cute japanese babe, she’s wearing a Hadaka apron.

    @Deathy: Yay! More YUI fans.

    @Adun: Only if I were to get the EOS 5D or 1D Mark III or 1Ds Mark III (!) , then I’ll take a loan of like half the cost ^^;

  3. Everytime I see a loot report I see something I missed out… I totally forgot about buying the puchi moe even thou I was seeing it everywhere T_T

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