Odaiba: Tokyo Big Sight


This was actually Day 6 of our trip, and we met up with Mervyn of nekoguchi who is currently peeking up the skirts of girls studying the language and also assimilating their culture in Japan. He’s getting all the girls there!

Mervyn was kind enough to bring us around Odaiba, a large artifical island in Tokyo Bay, which is where Tokyo Big Sight is located and the other shopping areas around which didn’t really seem that much interesting. Despite that, there are lots of people.


For some apparent reason the Statue of Liberty is in Odaiba (A replica). Don’t seem to see the Merlion around here..


There was an interesting dish on the menu, which included ex-virgin olive oil as part of the ingredients.


Some yummy Rose Katsudon with eggs (Pork Cutlet with eggs) for lunch to gain energy before exploring the vast island of Odaiba. We headed towards Fuji TV’s HQ (the eccentric structure with a dome-like structure on it as seen in the top picture).

^ Escalator to the 15th storey of Fuji TV


^ Up the escalator!


^ Snapped this photo while heading up.


^ On the 15th Storey of Fuji TV. You can see it feels really artificial

From the 15th Storey, one can take a lift up to the dome (25th Storey) by paying some cash. However, there’s a lift where you can get free access to the 24th Storey. Being cheapskates as we are, we took the free access lift ^^;


As the sky was a little gloomy, we couldn’t really get any great skyline shots. I took a couple and will convert it into panoramic format (in a while)


We then headed back to the 15th Storey and took the escalator down to the 7th Storey where visitors are ushered to take a look at the TV programs aired on Fuji TV.


Spotted Honey & Clover!


How the name of a TV program mascot came from. It’s a real ugly mascot. Google Goringo.


There were lots of Jackie Chan wax figure look-a-likes as well. And apparently one’s a female!


Turnips Tulips we don’t get to see back in Singapore.


We then headed towards Palette Town where we received our first pokemon, pikachu, a huge complex that consist of several attractions, including Venus Fort (A large shopping centre designed to look like 17th century Europe), Toyota Mega Web Technology showcase and not forgetting the huge Ferris Wheel.


Stimulation cars that even little girls can drive!


Some reverse bungee attraction in Fort Venus.


This reminds me of Evangelion…


Ultraman anyone?








I met my Doppelganger!


Who is actually just a reflection in the mirror.


Tokyo Big Sight!




Which has a lot of people in black suits. Lots of conference halls on the upper levels of Tokyo Big Sight.

There wasn’t much to do and it was getting really late so we decided to head back to the train station and get out of there.


We then headed to Ueno Station where we met up with bangin and a friend of his for dinner.


Yummy Yakitori!


And ending this post with a shot of Mervyn. I need to meet up with girls the next time I’m in Tokyo ^^;


5 thoughts on “Odaiba: Tokyo Big Sight”

  1. “Turnips we don’t get to see back in Singapore.”

    I think you mean ‘tulips’. Haha…

    Does that escalator go all the way up to 15th floor without stopping? O_o

  2. Pretty sure that ex-virgin means extra virgin, not.. “former virgin” >_>
    And those tulips look pretty; in here, we only get them in flower shops lol

  3. That ex-virgin olive oil is natural XD, most of Mediterranean cultures (mine for example) use it on their main dishes ^^.

  4. @boggart: Oh yeah, Tulips. I always get it’s spelling wrong ^^; The escalator goes up to the 7th floor where you transfer to one that takes you up to the 15th.

    @Zeroblade: Yeah, it means extra virgin ^^

    @Belela-san: Interesting. Must take a look

  5. Hey, I went to Odaiba too! It was very deserted though, and some business convention was going on at Big Sight, so I didn’t think much of it (I didn’t know Comiket etc was held there).

    Coincindentally, I stayed at that hotel you photographed. I don’t remember its name, but perhaps it was Shangri-La?

    My experiences (most treasured golden balls of my blog posts) are recorded here…

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